Meaningful Conversations with Glenda Thompson

                                                                                                                                                          Our guest Glenda Thompson is a connection and communication specialist and the founder of her company, Flourisheer.

Glenda works with successful people who want to connect to others more effectively.

If they’re ready to speak out to influence, Glenda has the tools and skills to partner with them to achieve that.

Glenda works with individuals, drives interactive group sessions and also acts as a catalyst at retreats.

Previously, she was a journalist at The Australian Financial Review. She lives in Manly with her husband and snorkels for fun.  Find Glenda online at

Glenda answers these questions about handling of conversations -

1.        When do you use Meaningful Conversations?

2.        What’s the first step?

(After we’ve done quite a bit of the framework or all of it):

3.        Do you have to tell the other person you’re using a tool?

4.        What if you don’t get through all the steps in one meeting?

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Video has a Positive effect on marketing a business

Connecting using Video is a powerful method to connect with your audience.

Video has a Positive effect on marketing a business.

Learning how to connect with your audience in front of an audience is essential – presenting in front of a camera gets to large audiences – but you have to know how.

Have a look at The Speakers Practice – Presentation and Video workshop – here’s a client testimonial along with a marketing managers view. You’ll hear from our Guest Trainer, Tim Stackpool, how this program will assist you.

Contact Adrienne McLean on for a free consultation to get more details and examples of videos produced in this program.

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Marketing with Video with Geoff Anderson

The Friday Forum is for business people – Business Professionals are interviewed on all sorts of topics – The aim is that this forum is to discuss ideas and practical ways that you can use to promote your business as well as hear real-life examples of a wide variety of business tools.

This Friday Forum our guest speaker is Geoff Anderson . Geoff is a video production specialist, managing director of Sonic Sight and Author of Shoot me Now – making Videos to Boost Business. Geoff is an authority on creating video and marketing businesses with the video. Geoff assists a broad range of clients with their communication and promotional needs and loves being able to use video to tell creative stories about the companies we work with.

The discussion has Geoff anderson speaking on the following questions -

1 What is it about Video that Marketing with Video becoming so important?

2. What are the steps in creating a video?

3. What are some of the pitfalls we need to be aware of when creating video?

4. How can a we create a video that makes our Business look a Million Dollars?

5. I ask all our guests this -  As a Business Owner , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

There an enormous amount of valuable information – enjoy!

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A Common Distraction when Public Speaking

A common distraction with Public Speaking is the use of filler words – eg Umm, Ahh, Err, and so on.

Here’s a video with some approaches to overcome the use of filler words. This will help raise your presentations to the next level. Its step by step but work on it – its worth it!

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Building a Community

For a community to work , there are three important factors -

  1. There must be TRUST  between the members of the group
  2. Each member must CONFORM to the Social Norms
  3. RECIPROCITY – each member must give without expecting anything in return.

The need to belong is apart of being human. So how can we work with this need to belong to help us within our community and with building our tribe for our business?

1. People love to be involved – and show their expertise.

2. Always show appreciation for whatever people help you with

3. There’s plenty of people out there to help, you only have to ask

“Magic Happens when people come together to share”

Whether this is on a business field or a community field , the relationships that are built are essential for people’s well being and the business well being. Be grateful for the help and assistance people give you. Then they will be delighted to assist you.

Here’s a marvellous article on ways approaches to building a community –

Thank you to Phil Preston and Julie Garland-McLellan for their input into this article. The idea for this blog was from attending the National Speakers Association of Australia NSW chapter meeting.

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