Friday Forum – Implement the Law of Attraction with Nikki Cooper


TSP Fortnightly Free Friday Forum Nikki Cooper 11th July 2014


Nikki Cooper is a public speaker, author and online marketing consultant specialising in video creation and law of client attraction and runs regular business networking events in Sydney.  Nikki’s passion is helping business owners learn, connect and engage and Nikki is going  to share with you today, the information  usually reserved for those who attend the networking events.

Here are the questions  - there’s some brilliant concepts and ideas discussed!

  1. Nikki you once told me,  “97% of people live life filled with regret, wishing they could be something more. Only 3% actually do what they love, earn what they want, and be who they want to be. “  Why is this so?
  2. We have all heard many definitions of the Law Of Attraction and I know you have studied it in great detail and written a book called “Your Successful Life” after interviewing 24 Succesful people, but can you explain in simple terms?
  3. What 3 Steps do you recommend people use to achieve the Law Of Attraction in their business?
  4. You have been quoted as saying “Think it dream it believe it and you will achieve it” Can you expand on this?
  5. 5. I ask all our guests this -  As a Trainer, Mentor and a Professional Keynote speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

Thanks to Nikki Cooper for a wonderful discussion – Enjoy!


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The Art of Converting Leads into Sales

TSP Fortnightly Free Friday Forum Phil Lee 13th June

Phil Lee is the founder of Sandler Training in Australia. He and his team are committed to assisting business leaders, sales teams and sales people achieve their personal and professional goals…and beyond!.

Phil has been described by many of his clients as a “master” sales trainer, professional and personal development coach, and professional speaker.

He works with selected business leaders, owners and salespeople in technology and other industries. Sandler’s non-traditional selling system plus innovative reinforcement training has made us the global leader in sales training.

Our topic is “The Art of converting Leads into Sales”. If business owners are diligent with their marketing then this will bring an awareness to the market place. Its fine we can see some interest and its going to be great to hear how to convert those leads into sales.

The questions being discussed today are:

1.We’re generating leads but what do we do next?

2. If we pick up the phone, and they’re not expecting a call – what the best approach?

3. What are the best ways of approaching potential clients – without being too pushy?

4. What are the best approaches to converting leads into sales?

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How to Create a Raving Fan Culture

TSP Fortnightly Free Friday Forum Di du Preez

Building a raving fan culture is what every business wants – having clients coming back again and again. Our guest speakers is Di du Preez –  a Marketing Strategist and Business Advisor who serves as a strategic thinking partner to growing businesses.

Di has had years of experience building strong foundations for businesses and seeing the benefits to the clients of these welcoming businesses. Getting this culture right of building a business tribe is crucial and can make or break a business. Hear Di du Preez’s advice.

The questions answered are:

1.What are the steps to create a Raving Fan culture??

2 How do clients or potential clients currently perceive your organisation? Is this important or are clients only interested in the end result?

3. The Customer Experience – This is cruciall?

4. What are the benefits of a Raving Fan culture?

Here is the podcast

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How to Create a LinkedIn Group to Generate Qualified Sales Leads and Revenue

TSP Fortnightly Free Friday Forum Tom Skotidas 16th May

Today, at the Friday Forum,  we are thrilled to have Tom Skotidas , Founder of Skotidas, Asia Pacific’s leader in B2B Social Media Lead Generation speaking on “How to Create a LinkedIn Group to Generate Qualified Sales Leads and Revenue”.

Prior to Skotidas, Tom served as head of marketing and business development at First Rate. In just under four years, he grew the agency from an office of two staff, into one of Australia’s largest search marketing agencies with 25 staff generating $7 million in annual billings.

Half of those billings, or $3,500,000, came from clients that Tom met, nurtured, and signed, using social networks.

Today, Tom and his team work with global B2B organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, using social networks to generate B2B leads for their sales forces.

The questions discussed are:

1.What are the benefits of creating and maintaining a LinkedIn group as opposed to using other social media?

2. What are the steps in creating a LinkedIn group?

3. How can we promote our LinkedIn group and get our target market to join?

4. By having a LinkedIn Group and regularly posting, how does this generate Sales Leads and Revenue?

5.  As a Trainer, Mentor and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

Thank you to Tom Skotidas for his time and expertise in discussing how to use LinkedIn groups to generate Sales Leads and ultimately Revenue.

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7 Things about Your Presentation Topic Your Boss Wants to Know

reporting-to-management Business presentations are essential to communicate projects, management issues, business restructuring, system implementations, marketing strategies, sales successes and so on. The Business Presentation is a pivotal method of communication to clients, staff and executives. How can a Business Presentation be structured to best get the message across?

1. Strong Opening Grip your business audience with a strong comment to open – a question – a story – a quotation or the one big success of why you are there.

2. Background – why they need to listen – you need to detail why your audience needs to listen to your presentations. What is in this presentation for them Detailing briefly why they should listen and what is going to be addressed by listening will keep their attention.

3. Execution -  the audience doesn’t want to know excruciating detail but they do want to be included in the journey – so detail some of the important steps so they can understand how far the project has come.

4. Challenges and How you overcame them – Show your best work – what challenges have been faced and how have you used your skills to address these challenges. Don’t blow your own trumpet but be proud of the work and details the achievements and developments.

5. Results – the Bottom Line - Results are what the Boss wants to know – focus on these and the impact these results are having on the business.

6. Benefits to clients – External or Internal How do these results benefit the clients, staff, shareholders? Business projects and simply work are at the end for this – so explain the benefits.

7. Summary of success A brief summary to finish will keep your hard work at the front of the Bosses mind – the huge steps forward , whatever you want the Boss to remember , this goes at the end.

A Business Presentation is an important tool – it can win or loose business, staff can be kept engaged or can be discouraged. It is dependant on the topic, on where you put your focus but the results and the impact are crucial then by looking and sharing some of the important details, this can show you are working towards the same goal and you will really shine!

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