Champion Speaker’s Recommendations


Champion Speaker’s recommendation

On the 18th April,2011, I had the opportunity to meet Lance Miller, Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking 2005. Lance Miller was a wealth of information and he had these recommendations.

When putting a speech together, the critical items are:

Be a Champion of your ideas
Look at what the winners are doing
Put behind any regrets
Public Speaking is not acting – Public Speaking is about connecting with your audience
Public Speaking has everything to do with Keeping the attention of your audience. A perfect speech keeps the attention of the audience right through the whole presentation.
Use Series of Threes – 3 main points to get your message across
Use of Pause – this allows your audience to lock into the last phrase said. If you want to make your point important – then Pause!
To make a point – tell a story. This is because we are not computers.
**You have to touch the heart of your audience,
to change their minds.**

When you speak to your audience, lay the concepts to the audience and let them absorb your ideas. Start with a story everyone agrees with then personalise it, put yourself in the story and then add a message to the metaphor.

Lance Miller speaks on ” Finding Your Voice”
The areas one needs to look at when wanting to Find Your voice are-

The message has to do with the speaker
There has to be 100% Conviction – NO doubts
Passion – when you are passionate about something it is much easier to get the message across
Sincerity and humility = There is no place on a stage for “Swollen Heads” – Your stories don’t have to be sensational. They do need to be sincere.
Life Force – 20% Mechanics, 30% Message and 50% Energy
You’ve go to be honest with the audience – sincere!
Touch the heart and change the minds of the audience. Be humble
80% of the Mechanics is to do with Preparation – See our last Blog on The Power of Practice.
Be yourself, Your Philosophy and your values
We all have defining moments that change our lives – talk from your heart – create the extraordinary from the ordinary things of life – what I’m struggling with and add an inspiring message
Your topic doesn’t have to be a sensational concept – you just have to be sincere and look at changing the lives of your audience.
Ask yourself – ” What’s my attention on? ” That’s what you speak on.

Lance Miller finished the evening with these points –” The world is controlled by people who are heard. The Skills that are needed are – Speaking in Public and knowing how to run a Meeting.”

It certainly was a pleasure to meet Lance Miller. He is such a generous gentleman with his time and information. From this presentation, the audience learnt so much.