Professional Services Marketing Conference

The Professional Services Marketing Conference is a one day conference for service professionals who are looking for up to date information on marketing tools and techniques.

There will be speakers, demonstrations and networking opportunities.

The topics that are being covered are:

✔︎ Marketing Strategies and how to implement!
✔︎ Change your brain to be cool under pressure
✔︎ The future of event sponsorship
✔︎ Design Thinking for Product Creation
✔︎ Sales Secrets for Sales Success
✔︎ Cultivating your inner resources for greater capacity, innovation, self-management and success
✔︎ High Return Sales and Marketing Strategies
✔︎ Business Development
✔︎ Google – Staying ahead of the evolving beast! – Closing keynote address
That’s huge value!
Amazing content on the business side of running a business


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