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The Speakers Practice offers the on-line training course platform – Thinkific.

If you are thinking of creating Information Products – OnLine Training programs are an incredibly useful approach – you can have the online training programs embedded into your website – easy for your clients to find, login and purchase. This can be a revenue stream for your business.

The Speakers Practice can assist you with developing the skills to present to camera and learn to create video. See The Speakers Practice – Presentation and Video Program. We can assist you to create your video either in the studio or in your office. Then, The Speakers Practice can assist with the creation of online courses with Thinkific – see

Thinkific’s mission is :  Make it easy to teach online.

With Thinkific, you can create your own online courses and deliver or sell them under their own brand. Thinkific currently powers thousands of online courses offered by universities, global corporations, professional associations and coaches, trainers and educational entrepreneurs in over 70 countries.

Thinkific offers a customizable online learning experience including payment solutions to accept credit cards, handle student registrations and all aspects of course delivery.

Thinkific loves creating amazing learning experiences both for the students and the instructors.

Have a look at the Thinkific site here –

Information on the Thinkific site –

1. Wednesday Webinar – with Greg Smith , CoFounder of Thinkific – Speaking on “Building your brand and revenues with online courses”

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.55.36 pm In this Wednesday webinar with Greg Smith, you will hear all about the Thinkific Platform and how you can use on-line training courses for your business. 30mins.






FFF 24th APril  2015 Greg Smith ONline Training.001

In this Friday Forum – Greg Smith details how you can create your own online training program – Adrienne McLean goes through the step by step creation of a Thinkific online program – then Greg Smith goes through the details and gives you lots of approaches to market and monetorize on line programs.

The changeover from Adrienne to Greg – could be smoother! However, this webinar does give you a good understanding of the Thinkific program. 32 mins.

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