Today – All about being in the Moment!


Today with a meeting with a brilliant voice coach, Lucy Cornell, we talked about the voice, being present and in the moment – everything working together.

We went over a warm-up that needs to be done before EVERY presentation.

What does the warm-up do? It brings you into the moment, it relaxes you, centers you and after doing a focused speech warm-up you are right in the moment, your voice is at your ideal pitch and you are there present with your audience.

What other areas does this impact on? If you suffer from Stage Fright or Nervousness, then this will greatly assist your presentation. It will have relaxed you so you aren’t thinking all those negative thoughts that are running through your head. It will also have a great importance on the Impact that you make on your audience. Your breathing needs to be deep to support your voice. If you are nervous then the flight or fight reflex comes in and causes you to shallow breathe. By doing the Voice Warm-up , this will greatly assist your voice and primarily your Breathing.

If you get really nervous, a slow breathing meditation can also assist to bring you into the moment.

The Voice Warm-up and Meditation, will aline your :





This brings you Breathing, Voice, Mind and Heart all into one place – YOU – so that YOU can be fully present with your audience.


See Lucy Cornell’s book -CONNECT AND INSPIRE – its a valuable resource for speakers and trainers.