Tools to be a Successful Manager with Sally Foley-Lewis


Sally Foley-Lewis trains managers to be more productive – to really connect and communicate with their staff and to achieve those highly sort after goals. Sally is detailing in this 30 minute podcast some tools to be a successful manager.

The questions asked are:

1. What does it take to manage people?

2. Does it take a special person to be a good manager or can we all be managers?

3.What happens when there are huge pressures on managers?

4. What tools do managers need to assist them to be successful managers?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Trainer, Mentor and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

6 The Sally Foley-Lewis Management Success Cards

How to ask for Referrals and Reach Out with Ric Willmot


Ric Willmot trains business people all around the world in business principles, marketing and every part of running a successful business. In this podcast, Ric is speaking on an essential part of marketing a business – asking for referrals from current people we know and reaching out to people we may not know but would like to as they could be interested in the business we are offering. The questions Ric covers in this 45 minute podcast are:

1. Asking for referrals – why is this an essential marketing tool?

2. For the business person, asking for the referral – it can be a bit awkward – how can this process be made easier?

3. Reaching out to new clients, new potential business who are not familiar with us can equally be daunting – how can we identify these potential client?

4. How can we successfully get their attention and have them understand our offering? Sending an email just wont do it – what is the best approach?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Business Coach, Authorr and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

6 Executive Wisdom Management Learning Toolkit

Building Public Speaking Skills has Benefits beyond the Podium!


By developing Public Speaking skills, not only is the skill of speaking in front of groups developed.By building the confidence to get up and speak in front of people this will impact on many areas of your life. This will assist you to achieve the success you are wanting.

By working on public speaking skills, You will:

Develop the voice within you to appropriately have your say. Build the confidence to speak your mind when required. By building this confidence, may mean you will get that promotion, gain that big client, get that new job, build more business, …

Public Speaking is a learned skill – by developing these skills those debilitating nerves will disappear and stop restricting you from achieving goals you would like to realise. When it comes to speaking in public, people hold themselves back from ambitions – new jobs and increased responsibilities because of the nervousness they feel when speaking in public. Ask and get to the public speaking training, you will be thrilled with the results.

By building confidence speaking to people and clearly getting your message across will all assist with more sales. If you are in Sales, by working on your public speaking skills you will develop the skills to get your message across clearly and concisely. You will also develop skills to keep your clients attention and interest.

You will be the leader you are wanting to be. If you are in the Technical Area or IT or any other role where you can make an impact , you will be able to train your staff more effectively. You will speak from a place of power and strength.

More Advertising and Sales campaigns will be won , more Business done. If you are in Advertising or any role that requires a presentation , by developing your public speaking skills when you go out to impress the client with your campaign , whatever the topic Advertising, Sales, Technical, IT, whatever, your connection with your clients will be impressive, they will listen more, take in more of what you are speaking about and you will be able to keep their attention.

You will understand the impact of good preparation, listening skills will be developed and ability to give supportive praise and feedback will also be developed. As a manager, by developing your public speaking skills, interactions with staff will be from a place of confidence.

You will be the expert in your field of endeavour. Confident, clearly able to express the concepts, knowledgeable and able to share the knowledge.

Don’t be held back. Build confidence in speaking in public and this will assist you in your journey to Success.

Presenting to Promote


Business people are:

Strong and Powerful Individuals
Experts in their field
Capable in many areas

But when it comes to Promoting themselves –

They may find it difficult to know where to start
Modern Techniques can be challenging
Putting together a Presentation also can be daunting
May just not comfortable in Standing Out

By delivering presentations, you can Stand Out in front of a number of people and connect with them. This is the BEST way for people to get to know about you, what you stand for, who you serve, and what you help them do.

The next best presentation is by preparing a video , posting this on your website and this way your clients can get to know you. If you really connect with your audience , get your message across and get your audience’s interest then they will be interested in going a bit further into your sales cycle.

Delivering presentations successfully needs preparation and practice before the presentation. Video presentations need well written, short scripts and well prepared video to support the quality of your brand.

Developing Presentation Skills can be an amazing asset to build confidence around the area of promotion –

– Putting together a powerful presentation

– Connecting with your audience

– Really getting your message across

– Engaging with your audience

– Clearly explaining what you do

– Avoiding being bland or confusing

– Having a strong confident voice

– Standing Out – Being Visible and Credible

Would these skills assist you to promote your business? See:

The Power of Collaboration


Collaborating is a highly effective way to work as a team and build business to the benefit of all the parties involved.Ivan Cunningham, The Training Network and John Hill, The Ultimate Life, are experienced business professionals who have built businesses around using collaborations as one of their strategies.

John Hill from the Ultimate Life is a Mindset specialist and passionate about the psychology of success. Ivan Cunningham of The Training Network is a business and media communication expert. In their business careers, by collaborating with other specialists they have been able to build business faster.

In this podcast , you will hear Ivan and John’s approaches to the following questions-

1. Collaborations – what are the benefits to working with different business people rather than just getting on with the job yourself?

2. Is clarifying the team goals important?

3. Do the Collaborators need to have similar skill sets or different?

4. What is the ideal approach to co-ordinate a collaboration ?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Coach,Trainer and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?