The Importance of your Foundation for Good Business

Marketing creates awareness of your business – The BookYourselfSolid® approach believes that marketing doesn’t get you clients

Its what happens after a potential client finds out about you is what books the business. What happens afterwards is that the potential clients come and check you out, looking to see if you can solve the problem they are facing – if your foundation is secure and your pricing is right and you have simple sales conversations then you book the business.

Its all about building trust – if you have a strong Foundation then the potential client will be likely to give you the opportunity to earn their trust – you will be able to make sales offers proportionate to the amount of trust you have learnt.

So what is involved with building a strong foundation?

There are four important parts to building a strong foundation –

1. Your Red Velvet Rope Policy – You need to identify the Avatar of your Ideal Client. You can’t serve everyone – identify who are your ideal clients.

2. Why People Buy –
Identify who your Target Market is, know their urgent needs and compelling desires, Identify your #1 Biggest result. Know the benefits you bring to the client from a Financial, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual approaches.

3. Your Personal Brand Identity
You need to identify these three statements –
Your Who and Do What Statement – who you serve and what you help them do
Your Why Statement – why do you do what you do?
Create a Tag Line – not urgent – this is created by being clear on your Why statement.

4. How to Talk About what you Do.

This is the 5 Part BookYourselfSolid Dialogue Formula
a. I help….
b. Their three biggest , urgent needs are:
c. I help them with those things by ……..
d. The #1 Biggest result when working with me is …..
e. What’s more they experience some deeper core benefits – Financial, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual benefits

It is really important to be extremely clear on these 4 topics – really clear – the more clear you are the stronger you have developed your Foundation. Your Ideal Clients will know you are talking to them – you will be speaking to them – they will connect with you – you will be solving their problems and giving them solutions.

This is really powerful. Build a strong Foundation and your clients will feel you are serving them! That’s why your Foundation is SO important for Good Business!

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Establish your Business Profile using YouTube

Video marketing is becoming an essential part of marketing a business. Speaking to your clients or potential clients via video is a way of really building your business profile and showing you are an expert in your field.

Shawn Powrie is a Digital Marketing Specialist from E-Web Marketing who specialises in the area of Organic SEO and online growth.

As a digital marketing specialist Sean works to increase the user-friendliness and overall quality and relevance of clients’ websites so that they can be more appealing to search engines and users alike, thus leading them to perform better in Google and convert more.

Sean works to make websites add more value to the world.

Shawn is a Digital Marketing Specialist from E-Web Marketing who specialises in the area of Organic SEO and online growth.

Shawn has consulted with many brands about their SEO strategy including Lincraft, QBE insurance, Converse, Meriton Apartments, Sennheiser, Macquarie University and Orion Expedition Cruises.

When Shawn isn’t consulting about SEO, he’s reading about digital and building his Youtube channel.

Here’s the outline we discussed:

1. What is the first step for preparing Video for Youtube?Content strategy (identifying what to do)

— researching types of content

— analysing competitors

— understanding the video content landscape of your niche

— building a unique approach from that

2. YouTube – what is available to make a business Distinctive?

— Branding your channel

— Thinking through your brand positioning and voice (thoughtful vs. playful)

— Design / templates

3. What are your recommendations with Creating Video

Creating videos

— Equipment — what you need

— Frequency of videos and nature

— SEO of videos

4. How do we know our Video are promoting our Business

Measuring success

— The metrics Youtube provides and what they mean to you

— Monotisation of videos as a direct channel to earn

5. As a Business Owner and Online Marketer, how do you promote your business by speaking?

6. How can you use video in your business?

My business and Youtube

— Who I am, how I came to create a Youtube channel

— What opportunities it has yielded for me (teaching on other websites and offline)

— How it will continue to grow.