The Speakers Practice & Adrienne October newsletter, 2018

In our work, we are serving Service Professionals who are looking for:
✔︎ More clients,
✔︎ Improved marketing and sales,
✔︎ Improved communication skills, as well as,
✔︎ Techniques to raise awareness of their business.

We also help the business development, marketing and sales managers who are also looking to build their skills.

What are important skills needed in the workplace for growth - both personally and in business?

Marketing Skills and Business Development system 
Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Communication Skills 
Effective Speaking to Camera and creating Video 
Professional Services Marketing Conference 

Here are our programs that are coming up -

The Professional Services Marketing Conference 2018 was a day of learning, connecting and being motivated to get to the next level. Check out this Professional Services Marketing Conference overview video (

If you missed attending and would like to see the presentations online or attended and want to see the presentations again - enjoy the
Online -  Professional Services Marketing Conference 2018 ( - there are 6 hours of presentations full of really valuable information to help you with marketing, digital marketing, sales and mindset.

The BookYourselfSolid Masterclass Intensive - 8 sessions live, online - going step by step through the business development system BookYourselfSolid - check here more details  

Marketing Discovery Audit
By doing an annual marketing audit, you will find out:
✔︎ Are your marketing systems working for you
✔︎ Are there processes that need implementing for growth
✔︎ Are your strategies & tactics being followed
By doing the Marketing Discovery Audit , this will give you insights for marketing activities to help you get off to a great start for the new year.

Check out the Effective On-Camera Presenting program 
Video is a powerful marketing tool and that marketing using video is becoming an important way of connecting with your prospects & clients.
To use video, are you looking to understand
✔︎ How to effectively present to camera
✔︎ What you need to be aware of when using video
✔︎ What are the best approaches to create successful video?
✔︎ Get nervous in front of a video camera
✔︎ Wanting to create successful video?
✔︎ What tools you need to do this

The Speakers Practice is taking bookings for the next upcoming Effective On-Camera Presenting for Professionals" 

Hornsby Business Information Forum - a networking event to meet, ask those niggling marketing & business development questions, share & be inspired - 4th Thursday, Thyme Square cate - 8.30am to 10am, Free to attend. Business Professionals meet and discuss the topic of the day - - topic is the 6 steps to grow a business - book in Next Forum -  25th October, 2018 

For more details or to ask any questions, ring 0414 367 960.
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