51 Ways You can use Video to Promote Your Business!


Video tell a story,  give a really personal approach. You can get to know the person who is the business ,who they serve, what they stand for, why they do what they do. Here are  51 different ways to use video –  Today, professionals need to understand the benefits that video bring to the marketing world – video build a connection with your audience and get your message across. The use of video is only going to get bigger and bigger.Todays consumer are far more educated and can do research about products before purchase – video is a great way to give the consumer the information they are looking for!

Here are 51 Ways you can use Video to Promote Your Business –

Customer Reference Videos

1. Customer Testimonials

2. Success Stories

3. Video Case Study

4. Man-in-the-street Interviews

5. Customer Presentations.

Product and Service Promotion

6. Product Presentations

7. Product Demonstrations

8. Product Reviews

9. Visual Stories

Corporate Video

10. Corporate Overview

11. Executive Presentations

12. Staff Presentations

13. Corporate facilities or equipment tour

14. Annual Report / Review

15. Video Signature and Video Introduction


16. On-Line Training

17. Overnight expert videos (Sales Support)

18. Just-in-time learning (‘How-to’ Videos)

Customer Support

19. Post sale support and maintenance videos

20. Website FAQ Video

21. Live, two-way video

Internal Communications

22. Internal Communications

23. Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications.

24. Employee orientation

25. Health, Legal & Safety

Advertising , Marketing and Promotion

26. Commercials

27. Viral Video

28. Email Video

29. Infomercials

30. Content Marketing

31. Landing pages and micro sites

32. Interactive Video

33. Branded Entertainment and Sponsored Video

PR Support and Community Relations

34. Video Press Releases

35. PR Support Materials

36. Community Relations Video

37. Corporate Talk Show / Interviews

38. EPK (electronic press kit)

Event Video

39. Event Presentation video

40. Round table Sessions

41. Q&A Expert sessions.

Other Uses of Video

42. Recruitment Videos

43. VLOG

44. In Store Video

45. Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video

46. Mobile Video

47. Market research, focus groups and polling

48. Video White paper

49. Video Magazine

50. Customer User Content Generated Campaigns

51. Behind the Scenes Video

Just by going through this list – it makes you consider the incredibly wide world of video and how you can benefit from implementing just a couple of these approaches. The Speakers Practice is running The Presentation and Video Program on Friday 8th February, 2019 – This program takes you through scripts, video creation and Presenting to Camera training – see The Speakers Practice – Presentation and Video Program  – Have a look and ring 0414 367 960 for more details.

This blog is referenced from Jimm Fox – See more