7 Key Elements to a Profitable Sales Presentation

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Joanna Martin, Managing Director
Shift Speaker Training
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There are two key ingredients essential to getting big money from stage results: the first is your passion for your products and services. The second is your sales presentation. If you don’t love what you sell, the first thing I suggest is to find something to sell that you love, because otherwise your audience will see straight through you. Be authentic. Stay in integrity and your audience will resonate with you. Once you have a product you’re passionate about, it’s time to focus on how to present it.

The 7 Key Presentation Elements


There are 7 Key Elements to a Profitable Sales Presentation. These 7 Keys are spelled out here assuming you will make a sale at the end of your presentation.But these same 7 Key Elements are will work even if you are not closing a sale.It all boils down to influence- and influence is the ability to act upon someone’s character and destiny (preferably for the better!)So you can use these same 7 steps with a little creativity to inspire someone to book in for a free coaching call, to join the local parents and friends or to donate to your cause. All the principles are the same. But right here I focus on using effective presentations to make sales- because once you can do that- you can do anything!

The 7 Key Elements to a Profitable Sales Presentation are:

1. Create Connection: Become a welcome guest and inspire trust and responsiveness in your audience.

2. Get Permission To Do Your Thing: Demonstrate credibility and earn the right to be speaking to your audience by illustrating your past results as powerfully as possible.

3. Engage with Your Content:Decide on the action you want the audience to take, and craft the backbone of your presentation with this end in mind.

4. Establish a Need:
Create dissatisfaction in your audience by illustrating where they are vs where they want to be.

5. Reveal the Product and Build Tension: Give a benefit driven description of your product.

6. Make a No-Brainer Offer: Package up your product with bonuses, and ensure you create urgency and take away risk

7. Invite Immediate Action: Finish powerfully with a commanding invitation to buy.

Summary: Refreshing yourselves with these 7 simple steps is often the key to unlocking any challenges you might be experiencing in your speaking game. Remember speak with passion and authenticity and then structure the presentation around these steps. See if you can create your presentation around this model, or if you already have a presentation, see if you can hone it even more. You never know, you might just double, triple or quadruple your conversation rate…

Presentation Skills for Sales are so important. If your presentation is stronger, you may win the sale instead of the competitor. Thanks Joanna for raising important points for delivering Sales Presentations. Great Information!