Be Credible with your Hand Gestures


In February, 2012, Michael Grinder attended the National Speakers Association of Australia NSW Chapter and discussed ” How to be Credible with Your Hand Gestures”.

Micheal Grinder is the co-creator of the Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP and is a world expert on non-verbal communications. It was an honor to hear Michael Grinder speak and he was so generous with his information.

How do you have instant credibility? Talk and use hands then Pause and have a frozen hand. Continual talking is not a credible way to come over intellegent.

The 6 ways to Not Give the Right Impression

1. Incessant Talking – no pausing – talking,talking,talking.

2. Hyper – High energy talk,talk,talk.

If either of these ways, paused, then its the pause that captures the attention.

3. Medicated – Talking too slow, loose interest quickly

4. Talking is fine but keeps dropping hands to pants/legs alot – all the time.

5. Talks with hands moving from waist up – like a belly button insecurity

6. Talking with hands making a milking action

Here’s Michael Grinder’s video with his overview. The awareness of how we use our hands is really important and will either gain credibility or loose the attention of your audience. Have a look!

The use of body language is so important, thank you Michael Grinder for sharing your wisdom.