Blogging in PR

I am a blogger blogging on blogging (That’s blogception). While I am finishing off a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, you can bet your bottom dollar that blogging is becoming a more powerful and useful PR tool for business.

Blogging is a communications platform where a business can communicate whatever they belive is valuable to them and their readers. It is a tool that requires no outside media channels and it is where you can control the message. Depending on the deal the blogger is on, it can also be free to use, just like my ones!

Here are some simple tips on how to engage readers through blogging:

Stay Relevant with the News

Generally speaking, hot topics will increase your search engine optomisation (SEO) and increase more traffic. To help you with what topics are trending, follow some major media outlets and journalists on social media as they will be the first to break a major news story.

The quicker you are at positing a blog on a hot topic, the better. If it were up to me, I would also give an informed opinion on the topic at hand to make it feel unique. Remember, you want to give your readers a reason to read Your blog not just a blog

Keep Blogging it Up

Here is the thing with blogs, if you keep posting regularly (about three times per week) Google recognises that you are a relevant blog that is constantly posting content and you will get better SEO.

Posting three posts a week will give you enough time to imput some quality into your posts as opposed to the rush job that may come with posting every single day. Also, people these day’s may burn out with too much content, so posting at regular intervals helps with better quality and a regular stream of information

For the Sake of Variety

Don’t try and post the same thing over and over again, sometimes, you may want to do something different with you blog just to keep it interesting. People may get tired of you writing a review of something over and over again. If that’s the case, try something illustrative.

My blog mainly concerns itself with movie reviews. Every now and then, I will change my content and give my opinion on news that is related to the movie industry just so my audience does not get bored with me writing in the same structure. Later on, I have been thinking of writing retro movie reviews that people have seen and remembered as classics. All of this is to keep changing to maintain interest

Go Behind the Scenes

Writing about what goes on behind the scenes in a business can be very appealing to readers as they feel a sense of intimacy with a business. I know of a lot of famous Youtube channels that I feel their behind the scenes content is more entertaining than their actual content.

I also like behind the scenes footages in movies as well. It really is fascinating sometimes to see the vail of entertainment lifted so you see how the magic of filmmaking happens.  People will feel close to your business and if the content in entertaining, will build a positive image for your business.

So, if you can, start a blog on your website and create some engaging content. You will need to work hard if you want to gain some traction but with persistence, you may be able to get follows that are more than eager to follow your business.