Business Success Strategies – Information for Guest Speakers

Interested in being a guest speaker on the Business Success Strategies webinar?

    • Between yourself and Adrienne McLean – a topic for your discussion needs to be agreed on.
    • A photo – suitable for the web – 100kb – needs to be submitted.
    • A Biography of 150 words or less – 2 short paragraphs – this is introducing your topic, your title and why you are an expert in this field.
    • Detail – your Business Name and web address
    • Powerpoint slides can prepared for the event – if you have slides you would like to be included then forward these.
    • Just one thing – this is NOT a selling from the stage platform – you will be given an opportunity at the end to promote your business.

What is the process?

The platform used is a Google Hangout using Webinar Jam as the marketing platform.

Adrienne McLean will prepare an opening script and 5 questions individually prepared around your topic.

The script will be sent to you so you can prepare. If you want to change or amend any of the questions then please contact Adrienne McLean.

30 minutes is not very long – there is only a maximum of 5 minutes per question. This is being timed during the discussion.

You need to connect with Adrienne McLean at about 11.30am on your scheduled Wednesday date.

The event is recorded – the PowerPoint slides and the Audio as a video – this is then edited.

The recording is then uploaded onto Youtube and also posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ , Webiner plus any groups associated with these networks.

A blog is prepared and emailed to email list and posted again on the social media networks.

The content from this Business Success Strategies is being collected for other information products eg a Book, eBooks and podcasts. You will be contacted about the development of these projects.

Other Points:
As a Guest Speaker , you are welcome to:

      • promote the event yourself – you can ask for the Business Success Strategies Flyer.
      • Post the resulting forum through your Social Media Network.
      • Post the Blog through your Social Media Network.
      • No experience on webinars is required – your participation is appreciated.

This is a marvellous opportunity to create some content which can be posted on Social Media – you can create more content by cutting the video or MP3 recordings into smaller pieces.

What is Content is produced?
Each webinar is recorded and the following content prepared :

      • Video – MP4 recording uploaded onto The Speakers Practice – YouTube.
      • Podcast – MP3 recording uploaded into iTunes – Business Success Strategies.
      • A Blog is prepared with the video included.
      • A Transcript is prepared – if you want a copy.
      • Your Contact details go into a Business Directory Listing.

To Finish:

The Business Success Strategies webinar is an event to give business people ideas on strategies for success.

Thank you for participating and am looking forward to our discussion.

Adrienne McLean