Communication skills bring success!

With this world based on innovation and focused on the internet, it appears fast paced and action packed, rapidly changing but what is missing?

A high proportion of the workforce is focused of using a computer. Their job cannot be done without the use of the internet. Many humans are starring at a computer screen for many hours of the day. 

The fact is that we are humans and business is much more about building relationships, building trust and getting to know people. The skills associated with computer work reduce the ability of personal interactions that are so important to every human being.

So in training for any job placed role but especiallly in business training of any genre, presentation skills and communication skills really needs some focus.

How can presentation skills help in the workplace?

  1. Well presented reports at meetings can help managers understand the concepts that are being discussed and achieve positive outcomes.
  2. If you can express your case with some conviction then you will persuade your managers to your point of view.
  3. Confidence always wins! So the more confident and articulate you are the more you will prosper in the workplace.
  4. If you are in sales, again confidence will get you across the client wth a client. You will be able to build trust and a relationship that helps build the connections for making the sale.
  5. Marketing is about building trust and credibility and a relationship so when the time is right the client will remember you can help them solve their problem.

Nervousness, self doubt, not confident to get the words out or convicted with your approach, these will put roadblocks in front of you and stop you from achieving the success in your dreams.

The moral of the story is that working on your communication and presentation skills is essential for being successful in the workplace. Keep working on your confidence levels – ultimately this will help your happiness levels and bring the success that are in your dreams!

Adrienne McLean DTM – SpeakersTrainingCamp International Instructor and the Founder of The Speakers Practice – Adrienne specialises at The Speakers Practice helping clients to confidently deliver presentations for maximum impact. Adrienne has been training presenting to camera programs since 2012 and has been coached by Lou Bortone – US Video Marketing Expert.

 You can contact Adrienne on or ring on 0414 367 960.

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