BBG NextTech Speakers Forum – 8 leadership skills to survive and thrive

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Are you an aspiring CEO, A CEO with a busy team, a Business Owner, a Sales Director, Consultant, HR Director, Learning & Development Leader, a Lifelong Learner or even if you are a burnt out CEO looking to grow your business faster and take away some inspiring actionable tips to boost your mood, your productivity and BE a more effective leader – this forum is for you!!!

Lia Zalums is a Leadership and Mindset coach helping CEO build strong teams to lead their business into the future.

Lia Zalum’s remembers Einstein saying that:
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
* WHAT exactly should you be doing differently post lockdown?
* HOW do you future proof your business?
* HOW do you future proof your role?
* WHAT does “good leadership” look like to you , now?
Join us as Australia’s leading advocate of Mental Toughness for high performance leadership and health, Lia Zalums shares with us the TOP 8 leadership mindset attributes that predict high performance leadership and high performance well-being. These 8 skills are distilled from over 100 academic peer-reviewed research studies in leadership performance and effectiveness in the organisations, education and elite sport.
She will explain what these 8 attributes are that make up the Mental Toughness Framework researched and developed by Professor Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk of AQR International in Manchester UK.
You will learn:
* How to apply these 8 attributes to increase your psychological flexibility and adaptability
* How that helps you BE a better leader
* The exact steps to take to support yourself and your people to improve your mental and emotional agility … most of the time

Be my guest as we learn and collaborate about these professional development tools and strategies designed specifically to support you during extraordinary tough times.

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Adrienne McLean, The Speakers Practice is the facilitator of the BBG NextTech Speakers forumBBG ie Business Builders Group is an international business network of professionals with over 17 chapters worldwide. To find out more about BBG – email for more details.

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