Leadership from the Inside Out: From what’s wrong to what’s strong

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Leadership from the inside out: from what’s wrong to what’s strong

Leaders today are under increasing pressure in an environment characterised as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).  Many face challenges testing their capacity with a great emphasis on getting the best out of their teams.

  • Are you under pressure to come up with new ideas and challenge existing ways of doing things?
  • Do you have to keep up with increasing changes to internal and external   expectations?
  • Is your role becoming broader with growing pressures and increasing responsibility?

Leadership was traditionally rooted in control and certainty and that style of leadership is no longer effective.  Meeting these fast changing challenges requires enhanced competencies.

 How can you be best prepared for modern work challenges?

You are invited to attend a dynamic presentation hosted by Francois Alizart from Advance Coaching & Training and Amrutha Murali from Job Fitts Consultants who will share ideas and tips on the essentials to develop greater leadership capacity and generate optimal performance at work.

In a rapidly changing world, a shift in mindset is required if you are to move from ‘playing not to lose’ to ‘creating and making the most of your resources in the modern era.

Join this engaging discussion to learn more about building your capacity and getting the best out of yourself and those you lead.

What will you learn from attending this workshop?

  • How to be better prepared to lead in a volatile environment
  • How to be a positive influence in VUCA times
  • Srategies to develop as a leader and meet people management challenges
  • How to hire and retain high performance teams in today’s market

The Speakers:

Advance Coaching & Training – Research shows that a collaborative (collective) style of leadership is most effective in VUCA times.  Advance Coaching & Training provides a personalised form of training to business leaders, managers and their teams to be more productive and improve their bottom line.  Committed to create the conditions for individuals to grow and develop, AC&T aims to increase productivity, improve engagement and communication in the workplace.

              Francois – Francois is the Principal at Advance Coaching & Training, a consultancy he founded in 2011 and committed to support others get the best out of themselves to create positive change.  He brings 15 years of experience in developing people in the financial services industry and community sector.  He has worked with individuals ranging from professional services, direct selling and real estate firms to senior managers and emerging leaders from some of Australia’s largest organisations such as the Commonwealth Bank, Wesfarmers, Lend Lease, Suncorp and Westpac.

 Job Fitts Consultants established in 2003 is an Australian owned; Sydney based Human Resource Management & Recruitment Consulting business.With today’s complex talent market demanding agile recruitment and engagement strategies, the team at JobFitts provide sophisticated and in-depth HR and Recruitment solutions across multiple industries, helping you source top performing leaders and build teams for your organisation.

               Amrutha Murali director of JobFitts has extensive experience in HR   management and Senior Business Leaders Recruitment having worked for leading multinational organisations inbanking, hospitality,  education and quality assurance in Australia. She holds a Master of Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Sydney. She offers comprehensive HR and Leadership Recruitment solutions built on specialist skills, industry knowledge and 17 years of local talent market networks.

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