Moving Forward and Growing Sales after Disruption

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Looking for successful paths forward to grow after this past turmoil? Learn proven approaches for getting more clients to get Booked Solid.
Continuing to do your Business Building activities during and after a disruption are essential to move forward.

This presentation is for:

✓ Small Business Owners

✓ Service Providers

✓ Business Coaches

✓ A Professional starting your own business

In this presentation, Moving Forward and Growing Sales after Disruption, we look at what has happened after previous disruptions and what has helped moving forward. Some valuable marketing and sales approaches are discussed to help you ramp up your marketing & ultimately improve sales.

Discussed are

1. Business Disruptions

2. Research from these disruptions

3. Marketing activities for Moving Forward

4. Sales approaches to grow

5. The proven business building system , BookYourselfSolid®️, a fast, easy approach for getting more clients even if you don’t like marketing & sales.

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Practical information is detailed to inspire and motivate to get you and your business to the next level. Your presenter, Adrienne McLean is a BookYourselfSolid Certified coach. For more details email on or ring on 0414 367 960.

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