Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed – weekly, online interview

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This event is running from 9 May 2022 until 6 May 2024. It is next occurring on 23 May 2022 4:00 pm

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Hi, I’m Adrienne McLean from The Speakers Practice. It is great to have you join us for our podcast Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed. We are interviewing professionals on the topic of seeing the bigger picture and discuss how individuals at work or in business can do this so they grow and ultimately succeed at their goals.

This interview is designed to be motivational and uplifting , we’re discussing skills and approaches to get you to the next level. 

This is Series 3 of Think bigger, grow and succeed sponsored by The speakers Practice and is a Program to support business owners, executives and professional individuals wanting to develop their career or business. Our theme this series is about “Moving forward and achieving aspirations” 

Today, joining me is Phillipa Challis OAM – Phillipa is The Laughter Lady and is an action-oriented, high energy, results focused speaker plus a fun loving MC extraordinaire.

Phillipa is the CEO of Live Life Laughing, a specialist boutique consultancy providing resilience training and support using proven healthy laughter techniques, which achieve better results through developing positive environments unleashing great performance in organisations and individuals.

1. What are the pro’s and con’s of staying in your comfort zone?

2. What are your recommendations for thinking bigger about your goals and aspirations

3. What happens when one goes out of their comfort zone and test new approaches?

4. What is the best way to approach achieving a goals?


5. How important are personal & professional aspirations to business ?

6. How important is it to keep connected & building connections to move forward?

7. The vision and mission are essential – how do these drive businesses to grow?

8. Creating strategies is important for reaching goals, what are the steps to create a successful strategy? 

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