Overcoming Roadblocks – How?

You start off with a vision, a Big Goal – you’re strong , capable and focussed – but something happens and it doesn’t go to plan. Things just don’t go to plan. You may seem:

Feeling like you are under achieving
Frustrated as you’re not moving forward

So how do you get around the block to move forward?
1. Identify the Roadblock – Look at the roadblocks as an opportunity to learn. We don’t know everything and when in new situations we need to take a breathe and look at the situation – then find out a new way of handling the situation. Actually identifying that we have come up with a roadblock is the first step. Acknowledging that we’re struggling and need some assistance.

2. Look for a Coach or Mentor – If in a business context, a coach or a mentor who has been through the process would teach you , with their own approach and experience to get around the roadblock and move forward. Being with people who have been through the same struggles can support you to learn to handle the situation and move on.

3. Listening is a necessary skill – when people give you their advice – listen – learn and develop. You don’t have to take on all advice but you do need to absorb information that will help you move forward. Talk to people who have been through what you are experiencing , listen and use what works for you.

4. Look outside the Square – If what is being done at the moment isn’t working – Try other approaches – Brainstorm different ways of doing it – Be creative – Read- Learn – look for different ways of achieving what you are wanting to achieve.

5. Persist – Persist – Persist!! – Keep going , don’t give up – the only people who fail are the ones that give up!! Make the necessary adjustments , learn what is required, develop your skills – Go Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve!

For Business Owners, experiencing Roadblocks and needing to find ways around these Roadblocks – The Speakers Practice – Mentoring program – the Succeed Program is ideal. Adrienne uses a combination of the World Famous Marketing program – BookYourselfSolid®, Speaking Development using the SpeakersTrainingCamp® and Facilitation – see – http://thespeakerspractice.com.au/-mentoring-program

Here’s an interview with Travis Bell speaking about Overcoming Road Blocks on The Speakers Practice – Friday Forum – Travis Bell is the Bucket List Guy – President at the National Speakers Association of Australia in Victoria – a corporate motivational speaker of achieving your dreams. Travis has some marvellous approaches.