Effective Presenting to Camera and Video Production for Real Estate Agents

As a Real Estate agent, you are always needing to connect with prospective buyers and sellers. The competition is fierce and how can you build connections and get a head of the competition? 

Since online is so important for the Real Estate industry now, multiple ways of creating digital content is important for connecting with these prospective clients. Here’s where video can be powerful – for connecting personally via video will build a connection – it also helps with your search engine rankings.

How can video help Real Estate agents?
Building a professional Agents Profile will give prospects the opportunity to meet you via video.
Your prospects can see if you connect with them and their requirements of a Real Estate agent.
Video is a way of delivering a professional image of the company and a more relaxed approach – by getting an understanding of video and creating video – this can offer you multiple ways of connecting with your discerning audience.
Your video can be added to your Agent’s Profile and is your commercial and is a simple introduction about who you are. 

The Speakers Practice is pleased to offer the Effective Presenting to Camera and Video Production for Real Estate Agents – assisting Real Estate agents to create a professional quality Agent’s Profile video to connect with your customer.

Our Effective Presenting to Camera and Video Production for Real Estate Agents offers-

1. Skills for presenting with impact in front of a camera
2. Script writing training – video scripts need fast impact
3. An experience in front of a professional camera and in a film studio
4. A skilled and structured approach to creating a Real Estate Agents profile.
5. An edited video is produced for each attendee


What do our clients say about The Speakers Practice Presentation and Video Workshop?

Our guest trainer ,Tim Stackpool , is a Media Skills Professional  – with over 25 years of experience with Television and Radio , both with presenting and production – Tim is an experienced Journalist, Broadcaster, TV Correspondent, Radio Presenter who has worked for Channel 9, TVSN, CNN,2GB and is a Camera Coach/Trainer.Tim guides you through the process of creating your video starting with the script and with the focus  on delivering great presentations . All your questions and concerns about creating video whether in the film studio or with your own equipment can be answered during this workshop.
Adrienne McLean DTM is a SpeakersTrainingCamp® Presentation Skills Instructor and a BookYourselfSolid® Certified Marketing Coach who specialises in Video Marketing.  Adrienne will assist you with scripting so you can deliver your scripts with ease, delivery of presentation, confidence, handling of any nerves, and voice work. Adrienne will also assist with the use of your video – to promote your business and enhance your expertise. Video marketing is becoming an essential tool in a marketer’s tool kit – Adrienne will give you information and approaches you can use once your video is completed.

Here’s a Video overview of The Presentation and Video Program –






You will:

  1. Learn the skills to present on camera
  2. NEW!  Learn the step by step process and suggested tools for creating your own video.
  3. Learn to prepare short, concise script that will keep viewers engaged.
  4. Learn the skills with using an Autocue essential with remembering the script when in front of the camera.
  5. Your video presentation will be significantly improved by addressing any mannerisms, gestures, vocal issues, confidence issues that affect on-camera presentations.
  6. Become confident and knowledgeable about presenting to a video camera.
  7. Go through the process of preparing and filming a video which will be emailed to you.

To run this program – there is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 attendees per session. Bookings are taken and when the number is achieved,  a date is scheduled. Real Estate agencies can book the program for their team of agents. 

For more information on our “Effective On-Camera Presenting Skills” program, please ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email

Connect with Your Business Audience by Video  – “Professional Quality Video Creation”

Attendees are asked to bring along the 1 -2 minute video script that has been practiced at our Effective On-Camera Presenting Skills program.

This training includes:

  1. Video Filming Day is held at professional recording studios or at a selected location
  2. One-on-One training session and fine tune your presentation
  3. You are videoed with professional camera, lights, microphone and Autocue with a White Background
  4. Your video will be edited to a professional quality and emailed to you. 
  5. NEW! A new module of detailing the process of creating a video and tools & equipment needed to produce video. 

Please ring Adrienne McLean for more details on 0414 367 960 or email

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