Coaching program

The Speakers Practice helps professionals with promotional skills to support success with marketing of their business or growing their career.

  • Are you wanting to get more clients?
  • Are you highly skilled but really don’t like to do the sales and marketing to build your business?
  • Have you exhausted your circle and now really need to build your business from new connections?
  • Wanting to build your confidence?

The areas that Service professionals , who are experts in their field, can find challenges with are  marketing, personal selling and getting the sale across the line. The Speakers Practice programs help professionals specifically with confidence building with presentation skills, speaking to camera and increasing visibility , that is,  marketing. 

Growing a Business is a Journey – our approach will take you on the most direct path. We are there to help with a practical approach.

We use three disciplines –
1. SpeakersTrainingCamp®, a fast, easy way to build confident presentations
2. BookYourselfSolid® Marketing system –  a marketing system designed for Service Professionals to Get you More Clients. –
3. The Deming process – Plan, Do , Check , Act – a continuous improvement approach

Adrienne McLean of The Speakers Practice & Amplify Results offers one-on-one consultations to assist small business owners with getting more clients.

Speak with Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email” for more details.

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