Alina Berdichevsky, Alina B Coaching

I know that video content marketing is the future, but I just didn’t know where to start. Where to post, what to say and which platforms to use thoroughly confused me to the point of doing nothing with this opportunity.

Thankfully, Adrienne helped me articulate my talking points with clarity, come up with a solid idea for a YouTube channel, script some great new content and practice my camera skills! Furthermore, she showed me the latest technology to make video creation the easy and fun process it’s supposed to be and showed me how to repurpose my videos for other marketing channels.

I can not wait to make my first video tonight and am excited by the reach and power this platform will have for my personal brand.

Alina Berdichevsky, Cognitive Coach,

Marcus Khan, HK Calibration Technologies P/L

In depth knowledge presented by Adrienne. Great workshop – I’d do it again – maybe a two day workshop. Great workshop with lots of information and practice.

Francois Alizart

Thank you Adrienne for your support and knowledge in growing my confidence practising my speaking skills. I now feel more secure in my abilities to deliver my message.

Eliza Chan

Adrienne’s workshop is very practical and is in a relaxed and encouraging set up. She has equipped me with valuable tips and advice and I look forward to putting these into practice. I would definitely recommend her workshop.

Deb Kearney

Adrienne provided me with all the tools required for a successful presentation. The GRABM concept, body language, contoling nerves, and much more…

Cheryl Fingleson

Adrienne is very knowledgable about her subject. Extremely helpful and leaves people with valuable information to work with. I would highly recommend her workshops.

Cheryl Fingleson, The Sleep coach

Rob Geoghegar

Adrienne Opened doors for me that have been closed for a long time. Her course has initiated a process that I can confidently build on helping me personally and with my work in architecture.

Rob Geoghegar

Sue Gaulke, SuccessWorksUSA – creator of the SpeakersTrainingCamp

“Adrienne is a real expert in public speaking and presentation skills. She is a fantastic trainer with the unique ability to help her clients improve dramatically. I have known Adrienne for several years and I am always impressed with her professionalism and great people skills.”

Stephen West

I had the pleasure to recently engage Adrienne McLean from the Speaker Practice. My interest lay in the processes and principles of the Book Yourself Solid system and Adrienne was able to deliver this in a modular format online, which suited my busy schedule. Adrienne was able to tailor the application of the outcomes of each stage to that of my own business and practically demonstrate how this can be applied in my day to day interactions. I manage over 2,000 strata titled properties with over 100 staff, yet I felt I learned new ways of reaching my goals during this workshop, Adrienne followed up the sessions with a report that enabled me to review our work together. I highly recommended Adrienne for those who wish to have their eyes opened to new ways of achieving great things.

Kathy Pinczuk

A BIG THANK YOU for the really informative session !