The 3 Minute Elevator Speech


The 3 Minute Elevator Speech or Elevator Speech is a fantastic way to identify really what your business is focussed on. By developing this concise presentation , the process really clarifies your business product and looks at the business, not only the products.

What is essential in a typical Elevator Pitch? Include the following 10 items:

Identify the problem your business is solving
What is your solution?
how big is your market?
How is your business going to make the $$$
What is your Business Model – use the concept of XX$ spent with your business will save YY$$ for the client
Proprietary Technology
Marketing Plan – How you are going to achieve sales
Team – Who is needed to kick start the business
Money Milestones – what are you going to spend and achieve?

It needs attention to prepare this Elevator Speech. Fitting in all these items is tricky and the key is that this speech is about your business and asking for finance, its not all about the products.

Once prepared, practice in front of an audience and get feedback. This is great for attending Networking groups, practice and see what works and what doesn’t , fine tune.
Enjoy the process and show your Passion!

For more information on going through this preparation, have a look at this YouTube video. It takes 3 minutes and its a great overview to help.

How To Craft Your Elevator Speech Terri Sjodin