The Power of Collaboration


Collaborating is a highly effective way to work as a team and build business to the benefit of all the parties involved.Ivan Cunningham, The Training Network and John Hill, The Ultimate Life, are experienced business professionals who have built businesses around using collaborations as one of their strategies.

John Hill from the Ultimate Life is a Mindset specialist and passionate about the psychology of success. Ivan Cunningham of The Training Network is a business and media communication expert. In their business careers, by collaborating with other specialists they have been able to build business faster.

In this podcast , you will hear Ivan and John’s approaches to the following questions-

1. Collaborations – what are the benefits to working with different business people rather than just getting on with the job yourself?

2. Is clarifying the team goals important?

3. Do the Collaborators need to have similar skill sets or different?

4. What is the ideal approach to co-ordinate a collaboration ?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Coach,Trainer and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?