Video Marketing Tips

The Speakers Practice offers the specialised program – The Speakers Practice – Presentation and Video program – this program is to train Professionals to speak in front of a video camera and prepare video.

Video is fast becoming an essential tool in marketers tool kit in todays world using online marketing – it is also an essential part of content marketing –

Initially, it is thought easy to create video and we all have the tools now-a-days. However, when you start to create video – presenting to camera is not easy – it is a learnt skill and training by professionals can make the process so much easier and the results significantly better so you present with impact.

Here are some Video resources The Speakers Practice offers to assist you in the process of learning about video –

Friday Forum Tim Stackpool 22nd nov.001Here’s our guest trainer – Tim Stackpool, Media Skills Professional,  speaking on “How to Present to Camera with Impact” – some great approaches are discussed here to help you with presentation to camera. 32mins






TSP Fortnightly Free Friday Forum Geoff Anderson FFF photoHere’s Geoff Anderson – Video Production Expert, from SonicSight, speaking on Video Marketing – This discussion goes through the various ways video can be used and about the production – it gives a fabulous background into the world of marketing using video – 32 mins.





Friday Forum Shawn Powrie  20th Feb.008Here’s Shawn Powrie, SEO Specialist , Eweb Marketing speaking on “Establishing your Business Profile using Youtube” – Shawn goes into detail about Youtube and how to get the best out of uploading your video in Youtube. 33 mins





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