What do you say when someone asks about what you do?


Michael Port is an International Author of Book Yourself Solid and has a marvelous system which he claims is the Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients. This overview is about one section of Book Yourself Solid which will assist you at networking events, pitching or when you’re in that elevator explaining to someone what you do!

OK, you are at a networking function and someone comes up and asks ” What do you do?” Well, its this response that you really need to be clear on and even practice over and over so you know it so well that you say it naturally.

What are the five sections that Michael Port asks you to identify?

The following five points are:

1. Summarize your target market in one sentence

2. Identify and summarize the three biggest and most critical problems your target market faces

3. List how you solve these problems and present clients with unique solutions

4. Include the most dramatic results that you or your clients have achieved

5. List the results and the deepest benefits your clients receive.

Its these five points that you need to prepare and then learn. You need to know them so well that you can say them in your sleep!!

Then, there are three versions that you prepare a Long, Medium and Short version and then you can use these when you feel its appropriate.

The Long Version:

You know how (Insert part 1) do, are, or feel about (Insert part 2)

Well, what I do is ( Insert Part 3)

The result is (Part 4)

The benefits are (Part 5)

This is an overview of what you do that really addresses the issues for your target market and how you can help.

The Medium Version is:

You know how ( Insert Part 1 and 2)

Well, what I do is (Insert Parts 3 and 4)

This gives a concise overview of what you do.

The Short and Quick version is:

I help (Part 1) with achieving (Part 5).

This gives a quick overview with the benefits to your clients.

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port is a really great read for anyone who is in business – his 7 core self promotion strategies are an incredibly powerful system to follow – its well worth your while to get a copy of this book – its a valuable resource.

http://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/ Published with Michael Port’s approval.