What happens when you DON’T develop your presentation skills


Being confident and out going or simply fearful of public speaking may mean you think you don’t need to or want to  work on your presentation skills – what happens when you don’t do this?

Extroverts , as loud as they be , may put off the audience with just too much loud speaking and exuberance. They think they are fantastic when actually the audience can only absorb so much.

Being shy and quiet, may stop individuals working on presentation skills because of the sheer fear.

Introverts , may be so unassuming , that they keep themselves out of the limelight , leaving presenting to others and not giving the valuable information they know. Holding themselves back because of the fear of speaking to groups.

So what will both Extroverts and Introverts achieve by working on their presentation Skills?

  1. Audience can benefit from your knowledge   Delivering presentations is all about creating change for the people who are in the audience. Well presented information delivered with respect for the audience will connect with members of the audience and the message of the information will get through.
  2. Connection with audience and keeping their attention   Audience’s attention is not very long but if you know how to connect and build a rapport with the audience, your presentation will be much more successful with members leaving understanding the information being presented and remembering the message.
  3. Business benefits   If your presentation is for business and you are talking about how you handle the business issue – then when presenting you are the expert of the topic. A successful presentation will bring more business because of the fact that you are deemed the expert in this topic and people want to know more.

So if you decide not to work on your presentation skills – you will either put off your audience by being over the top or never get a chance to show your brilliance.

By working on your presentation skills, you will confidently demonstrate your expertise and help others. That is valuable isn’t it?  Which do you choose?