What spurs you on to the road to success?


At the beginning of the year ,especially, we are spurred onto dream more, create those goals that we want to achieve and see realised.But what spurs you on?What happens is that it all seems straight forward at the beginning and, yes, achievable – then the road blocks start to appear then the road blocks become hills then mountains that make us so uncomfortable that we can’t find over, around or even through.

So what can you do to get around those road blocks or climb those mountains?

Take public speaking as an example.

Speaking in front of a group is something that many of us find challenging. Some people would even rather not get that promotion if it meant not having to speak in front of groups. Being held back by a past difficult experience or lack of confidence.

So how can you learn and develop to get around this road block?

Learn – do some public speaking training – by learning the approaches to present well gives you the basis to work from, the confidence to prepare that presentation and experience in a safe environment. The Speakers Practice can help you here.
Grow – practice is the key – once you have the basics , keeping going, practice and more practice – taking every opportunity that comes your way whether its in a club environment, school council or workplace environment.
Develop – to develop needs persistence and resilience. Just keep going – small steps –even when the situation is challenging keep going and most importantly believe you can do it!
Achieve – Once you have done a presentation , or whatever your challenge is, look back and reflect at how far you have come – see that you have learnt, grown and developed and then continue on your journey!

Public speaking is a learnt skill – use these easy steps – learn, grow, develop and achieve and this will guide you around the road blocks to Success!

What ever your goal is for the future – Go for it!