Adrienne McLean, the founder and principal marketing and speaking coach, established the Speaker’s Practice in Australia in 2009.

The SpeakersTrainingCamp®—the world-renowned, top-tier public speaking course which is also the flagship training program offered by the Speaker’s Practice—was first brought to Australia from the United States in 2009 by Adrienne. The Presentation and Video program was developed in 2013 offering presentation skills training in front of a Professional video camera to create video for video marketing and content marketing.

As a BookYourelfSolid® Certified Marketing Coach – Adrienne has trained with Michael Port – US Marketing expert and author of Amazon’s Top selling Business Book – Book Yourself Solid – Going through Michael Ports Intensive Coach training program and the Mentoring program – 2013/15 – Adrienne has specialised in assisting business people to promote their business by using the Top Rated, Fast , Easy and extremely effective  marketing system – BookYourelfSolid® .

Adrienne has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2002 , has gained the highest award , Distinguished Toastmaster in 2012. She has held the honor of being Area 16 and 34 Governor, while for another 3 years she has successfully served as Club President.

For the National Speakers Association of Australia, Adrienne has been on the NSW Chapter Leadership Team assisting with many roles on the committee.

Adrienne has been the Hornsby Chamber of Commerce President for 1 year – building a struggling chamber of commerce into an active networking chamber. The Hornsby Chamber of Commerce is now back connecting the Hornsby Business community and handling advocacy for business to local, state and federal government representatives.

After achieving a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Sydney, Adrienne has gone on to receive training as a Professional Facilitator and earn Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Workplace Safety and Certificate IV in Business.

In performing corporate executive roles within the chemical manufacturing industry for over 20 years, Adrienne is adept at guiding, training, and teaching and is a dedicated speech coach. She now works with individuals to help them master the art of business communication, strong presentations, and public speaking.

Adrienne—with her knowledge and success within the corporate world—excels at teaching professionals the skills needed to effectively perform. She’s also passionate about facilitating individuals to embrace their personality and charm for effective, genuine speaking. That’s why her knowledge and guidance is essential to any individual at any level wanting to discover art of speaking and communication and overcome their public speaking fear.

How does Adrienne contribute to our community assisting building people’s confidence and communication skills?

Adrienne :

  • is a registered volunteer with Mission Australia and Youth Insearch.
  • has been a judge for the Lions Club with the Youth of the Year Award 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013 ,2014 and 2015.
  • has contributed to an eBook – Business, Business, Business! Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/JD4m9v

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Adrienne speaks on the following topics :

Increase Your Visiblity – the 6 Ways to Promote

Businesses are always looking for methods to promote their business and help their business stand out – this presentation discusses the need for businesses to innovate – up to date methods and approaches are discussed to promote business using the framework of the 6 Marketing strategies. This presentation will give you ideas and methods for you to keep you business front of mind.

Video Marketing in Action

If you are interested in using video marketing as one of your marketing strategies then this presentation will give you approaches and concepts that will be able to be implemented immediately. Video marketing is a highly effective approach to connect with your audience and get your business message across. Skills in presenting to camera are important for connecting with your clients.

Carers and Our Society

Adrienne became her father’s Primary Carer 1997. Since 2005, her father has lived with Adrienne’s family – her husband Les and her three children – Paul, Andrew and Elizabeth. Adrienne speaks about the journey of being a carer – its honest, sometimes raw andtalks about the impact of family. This is a story about the Sandwich generation.

Starting a Business from Scratch

Adrienne started The Speakers Practice in 2009. Adrienne speaks on the journey of following your dreams and the process that everyone goes through at different rates. This is a real, funny, but always inspiring presentation giving ways to Promote your business by Speaking.

Presentation Skills

Since 2002, Adrienne has had a passion to keep developing her Presentation Skills. By understanding the impact of not having a voice as a child, the impact of nervousness, stage Fright, and then looksthe many areas of Presentation Skills to maximise the impact on your next audience. This presentation gives a marvellous overview of the benefits of developing Presentation Skills.

Getting that Next Job

This presentation looks at what concerns people when looking for that new job , at their strengths, Interview Skills and the top 3 things that need addressing when getting that next job. This is an interactive presentation where the audience gets a chance to discuss real issues.

To Have Klout

This presentation is on Social Media and Marketing. In 2012, there is part of the business community that depend on Social Media and part that are still coming to grips with this new phenomenon. This interactive workshop discusses Social Media and Marketing, then goes and has a live demonstration of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and sees how much Klout they have. Interested in introducing Social Media – this is a presentation where you get to interact in the virtual world!