Speaking & Listening Program



Are you new to Australia, 

Perhaps, studying and trying to get some work?

Are you finding it difficult to integrate into Australian lifestyle?

You know English, are not confident in speaking and feel an outsider?

Feeling isolated and challenged in the university classroom?

Needing to pass the IELTS exams and struggling?

Wanting to deliver strong presentations, get your message across to a group and captivate your audience?

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The Speakers Practice – Speaking and Listening Program can assist.

Our Number 1 Big Result is building Confidence with speaking and presenting to peers, groups and workplace colleagues. 

The Speakers Practice – Speaking and Listening Program is a highly interactive program designed to help you with :

1. Confidence with Speaking English in Australia

2. Australian Lifestyle skills for removing the feeling of isolation

3. Fluency with speaking English

4. Understanding approaches that work in Australia for getting your message across.

How does The Speakers Practice – Speaking and Listening Program work to help International Students integrate into Australian lifestyle?

We are offering a 4 week and 8 week program – by attending for 3 hours each Saturday from 1 – 4pm per session, you will be doing fun, enjoyable activities to encourage you to develop your English speaking skills in practical and friendly environment. There’s atleast 75% active participation.

Our programs are highly interactive – you will be up and speaking – you need to be listening and give feedback to other participants. There is an emphasis on fun and enjoyment – however -in this process – you will develop quick thinking in English. Each attendee is invited to join the Speaking & Listening Program Facebook Closed Group – here you can ask questions and get supported by Adrienne McLean and your class friends.

We will be talking about Presentation Skills – you will develop the skills to present quality presentations for university or the workplace. You will learn about the important parts of communication. The training will be held at a location near Central Station or Macquarie University.

This is NOT an English as a Second Language class – this is for students and people who are wanting to study and work in Australia with some level of English but who lack confidence and get nervous when having to explain themselves in English.

Four Week Program Topics 12 hours

Week 1 – University -Tools for Confident Communication & Effective Classroom Discussions

Week 2 – Work Place Interviews

Week 3 – Home Life Activities – Seeking information through phone calls

Week 4 – Australian Culture Day

Extension Eight Week Program Topics  –  24 hours

Week 5 – University -Delivering Engaging Presentations for Great Marks

Week 6 – Workplace Interactions – Improve Communication Skills

Week 7 – Home Life Activities – Dealing with Utilities, Health, etc

Week 8 – Celebrations

To register, email adrienne@thespeakerspractice.com.au or ring 0414 367 960.

What are You Hoping for by Attending?

068If you are tired of feeling isolated and want to go out and have some fun with your university peers, if you feel you are not getting the most out of life in Australia, if you are having trouble getting work then this program will help you.

If you are hoping for :

Building confidence in speaking English in the classroom and workplace – being more fluent and confident in speaking?

Loosing that nervousness because you just can’t take in whats going on at university.

You’re keen to be able to prepare presentations , both individual and in group assignments for university and in the workplace.

You’ve wanting to feel integrated and enjoying having friends of  any nationality speaking English.

Making life easier living, working and studying in Australia.

The Speakers Practice – Speaking and Listening Program can help you in these areas and so much more! The price of this incredible program with so much value is $550 inc. GST per 4 week program – Students will be expected to pay small additional costs for excursions on Week 4 and 8.

Email Adrienne McLean, Founder of The Speakers Practice on adrienne@thespeakerspractice.com.au or ring Adrienne on 0414 367 960. Like our Facebook Page – Speaking & Listening Program for International Students