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Return to Work Workshop

What: 2 Day Workshop, 9.15am for 9.30am start – 3pm finish


Please ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 to book in.

Please also contact us for more additional information on one on one communication training

Shape up your job search with interview training and preparation

Re-entering a competitive job market after a prolonged break can be daunting.

The Speaker’s Practice offers friendly, professional support and interview training with Return-to-Work workshops. In this workshop, job hunters learn to feel confident, polished and ready for any job opportunity. Comprehensive preparation for all stages of the job search process are delivered in this a safe, encouraging environment.

Beyond intensive interview preparation, this workshop delivers essential tips and personalised advice from a trio of experts — a qualified speech coach, a human resources expert, and an professional image consultant. This multi-level approach will help you effectively jump back into the job market.

Supportive Interview Preparation

Gain confidence and assurance in your abilities as our interview preparation sessions teach you how to boost your skills and assets.

Conducted by a professional Human Resources expert, this segment teaches you about applying for work from the employers viewpoint ie what employers are looking for from applicants. Also learn how to prepare your CV and place yourself ahead of the competition.

Double-Boosted Interview Training

Learn how to boost your interview skills. Return-to-Work workshop teaches how to make the most of verbal and visual communication.

With a professional speaking coach, you’ll tackle your interviewing abilities from every angle. First, our interview preparation will guide you in identifying your strengths and organizing your main selling points. Then with questions sampled from real-life interviews, you’ll receive extensive interview training—helping you limber up for effectively communicating your skills, positive traits, and shining personality.

Our interview preparation and training primes you for adeptly weaving your important discussion points with confidence, no matter what questions a hiring manager will pose.

Appearance & Body Language Training

After demonstrating how to effectively highlight and integrate your main selling points into your communication, the next step of interview preparation workshop teaches how to master visual cues.

Our expert image consultant teaches how to get the corporate look that suits your industry and how to plan your wardrobe, look, and even makeup style for a professional edge. Our professional speech coach will also instruct how to establish a connection with your hiring manager and send positive signals with your body language.

Learn how to convey messages with optimism and confidence from the moment you walk through the interview room door, as you get ample practice in incorporating this newly gained advice. By the end of our Return-to-Work workshop, you’ll have improved your communication skills, presentation skills, become proficient at marketing your abilities, and turned your personal message into something that will pique a hiring manager’s interest.

Safe and Supportive Training

Return-to-Work workshop is a friendly and safe environment that offers you space and time to incorporate interview training tips from our experts.

We understand the different needs of various individuals. Whether you are worried about being up to date with technologies or apprehensive about interacting in new and foreign working environments, this workshop helps you tackle your uncertainties while simultaneously developing your strengths. Whatever your concern, you’ll be prepared to communicate in a fluid, confident, convincing manner.

Who can benefit from our interview preparation workshop?

The Speakers Practice helps anyone enhance their ability to compete effectively within the job market and successfully transition back to the workforce.

Return-to-Work Workshop offers support and guidance for job hunters whatever the reasons for being out of work. We train individuals who have taken time off to raise young families or care for elderly or sick family members, and those who have left the workforce to enjoy sabbaticals, refocus on work-life balance, or take breaks from high-pressured careers.

Even those who left the workforce for personally detrimental reasons, like a failed business venture or a serious illness, will find our encouraging workshop a safe space to regain confidence and rediscover a competitive edge. We also welcome individuals who have relocated either within or to Australia, and are looking for support and interview training before jumping into the competitive hiring market.

Whether you’ve been out of work for personal or career-related reasons, you’ll receive hands-on interview training and the opportunity to reassess your talent and goals for your next job search.