Special Occasions Speeches

Learn how to deliver memorable anniversary, birthday, or wedding speeches — including maid of honor speeches, father of the groom speeches, and more.

A memorable speech delivered at a special occasion is the ultimate expression of love. Presented with charm and poise, these speeches are gifts to be cherished for years to come.

The Speaker’s Practice runs Special Occasions Speech Workshops to help you train for various special occasion speeches like wedding speeches. Common speeches that we work with include maid of honour speeches, father of the groom speeches, father of the bride speeches, groom speeches, bride speeches and more.

Personalised Touch

Imagine: all eyes focus as the music softens. You deliver a warm, engaging maid of honour speech that’s brightened with personality and memories. A speech like this truly captures everything—the mood of the occasion, the depth of your relationship, your shared memories, your heart-felt wishes.

Take the chance to prepare a brilliantly memorable speech like this, and avoid performing a last-minute, diluted speech like the generic maid of honour speeches featured in Hollywood movies.

Though this may seem like a tall order during the tight period of preparation that leads up to a special occasion, you’ll discover you can make the most of limited time with guidance from professionally trained speaking coach.

Special Occasion Speech Workshop

Special Occasion One-on-One Training

Our Special Occasion Speech Workshop gathers many individuals hoping to create a dazzling, memorable speech.

With the help of a supportive speech coach, you’ll also receive extensive advice and support from fellow wedding speakers. Learn how to harvest great speaking points, lace them into an entertaining or heart-felt story, and practise delivering your personalised speech to an audience.

Not only get helpful tips on how to speak with style and enthusiasm, but also have the space and time to practice and overcome your public speaking fear. You’ll learn, grow, and create a personalised speech that will add a special element to your special occasion.

Special Occasion One-on-One Training

If you’re crunched for time or need extensive one-on-one guidance, the Speaker’s Practice also offers one-on-one consulting sessions for special occasion speeches. Receive thorough help in preparing your thoughts, enjoy feedback on your message and delivery, and have more time to practice.

With this extra time and space, we’ll address your personal concerns and you’ll grow confident in your delivery.

Who can benefit from the Special Occasion Speech Workshop?

Most participants of our Special Occasion Speech Workshop are preparing wedding speeches. If you need inspiration for bride speeches, groom speeches, father of the bride speeches, or any other public speaking speech, you’ll find we offer invaluable advice and immense creative support.

Many of our tips and tools are also directly applicable to all types of special occasion speeches. So those preparing for others types of special occasions will discover these interactive workshops to be very beneficial.

Give the Gift of Love

While material gifts may fade, the power of oratory allows you to delightfully relive memories and develop bonds with warm well wishes. Touch hearts, spread smiles, or induce belly-aching laughs—whatever your goal, this workshop helps you maximise your message and connect with the people you love.


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Please contact us for more information on  one-on-one consultations and group workshops. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 for more details.