Presentation Skills Workshop

Boost your presentation skills with a dynamic public speaking course

Dynamism, influence, and charm are important elements of public speaking. The Speaker’s Practice operates the SpeakersTrainingCamp®, the best of top-tier public speaking courses, which helps you learn and incorporate the most important qualities of an effective presentation and master public speaking skills.

Hands-on speaking training offered by our speech coach in this course maximises your presentations with improved communication and delivery. You’ll learn how to feel calm and how to deliver the most effective, energetic presentation or speech imaginable.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this intensive public speaking training camp:

  • Master the magic of memorable presenters
  • Captivate your audience
  • Cut preparation time in half
  • Become more dynamic
  • Organise your thoughts
  • Apply 10 techniques for handling nervousness
  • Maximise your voice
  • Make dull facts and figures come to life
  • Handle questions with ease

About SpeakersTrainingCamp®
The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is an elite 2-day program that stands above other public speaking courses. First established in the United States in 1981, SpeakersTrainingCamp® has trained business leaders from companies like Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Owen’s Corning and British Airways with resounding results.

Each course, limited to 12 participants, allows you to simultaneously maximise learning-time by working with other public speakers, as well as benefit from personalised training.

Who can benefit from this speaking course?
Any individual, at any level, can improve with personalised coaching and speaking training offered through SpeakersTrainingCamp®. Whatever your goal—whether to better engage and persuade your audience or to make your presentation clearer and more concise—SpeakersTrainingCamp® delivers results.

The skills acquired through this speaking course are essential in various arenas beyond public speaking—like business meetings, training sessions, and sales pitches. This program gives you the skills needed to command a room and enhance any form of professional communication.

What does this speaking course deliver?
Of all public speaking courses, SpeakersTrainingCamp® is the most effective in tackling all aspects of public speaking and delivery.

This speaking course teaches you how to prepare an organised and accessible presentation as well as execute a presentation with captivating delivery skills. Participants learn how to integrate timing, pace and even humour. Overall, this speaking course will enhance your skills of persuasion and ability to motivate.

Energetic Training
Participants of this public speaking course have the chance to actively incorporate newly acquired skills.

This course is not dominated by lectures and sedentary learning. Through 75% of this speaking course, participants are encouraged to take part in training activities. So as you learn essential tips from a professional speaking coach, you will be able to integrate them into practise immediately. Because of this, of all public speaking courses, SpeakersTrainingCamp® is the best at allowing individuals to make the most of their learning.

Personalised Practice Sessions
This speaking course is highly personalised.

Each participant is coached on individual strengths, weaknesses and points of interest. Participants who are, for example, focused on presentation tools will receive coaching on how to effectively integrate handouts or PowerPoint slides. Those interested in timing will receive guidance on utilising intonation, pace and rhythm, while those concerned about connecting with an audience will be trained on integrating humor, gestures, and skills of persuasion.

Whatever the main concern, you will receive the chance to work, experiment, and improve on your desired areas of development.

Comprehensive Results
SpeakersTrainingCamp® offers holistic speaking and presentation skills training.

With valuable tips and tools, participants learn about presenting, from start to finish. Beginning with learning how to conceptualise and organise a presentation’s main points, participants are guided through the entire process of preparation and delivery. In the end, you will have the tools needed for executing a polished and effective presentation.

Takeaway Tools & Tips
Participants also receive—throughout the entire speaking course—effective feedback, constructive criticism, and support from personalised coaching.

By delivering two presentations in our safe and supportive environment, participants are able to immediately incorporate any lessons learned. You will leave knowing how to further improve your presentation. By learning which two aspects of speaking need further improvement and by receiving a recording of your two presentations, you will be able to continue learning from your feedback and maintain growth.

For more information about the SpeakersTrainingCamp®, see Successworks USA

“Adrienne is a real expert in public speaking and presentation skills. She is a fantastic trainer with the unique ability to help her clients improve dramatically. I have known Adrienne for several years and I am always impressed with her professionalism and great people skills.”
Sue Gaulke, CEO Successworks, Founder, SpeakersTrainingCamp®Contact Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 for more details and to book in.