Quality Review of Online Training Programs

Online training programs are a useful and valuable addition to your offerings as a Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Service Professional. 

Delivering your knowledge and expertise in an online format can support you to help your clients and prospects, simply, in a different method. 

For you as a business owner, it is another product range and service offering.

The quality of the delivery needs to be professional and easy to consume as a viewer and student. This raises the importance of doing a Quality Review of your online training program. 

As a Professional, you are wanting to sell the highest quality, online training program in the market. You will have worked diligently on the program for weeks, months and even years! The biggest challenge is to see your program from an outsiders perspective, simple errors or bigger issues with the video, the flow of the content, the explanation of ideas, the ease of completion of the tasks and so on. 

Having a Quality Review of your online program can take your program from content put together in an online training format to a tried and tested online training experience.  You have taken your course through an independent, product development process to ensure the quality of the training experience. Most importantly, you will have the confidence to go out and sell your online course in full knowledge that you have a quality program. 

Quality Review of Online Training Programs 

This involves four stages: 

1. Preparation – having a look at the online training program, looking at: 
– number of modules
– length of modules
– estimated time to complete the online training program
– a quotation is prepared to estimate time and cost of the quality review. 

2. Quality Review
– Preparation time
– Viewing each module, video and all course content
– Time to complete any activities and tests
– Report preparation. 

3. A report is submitted after completion of each module.

4. Meeting to discuss the report, any amendments and suggestions with a final Overview meeting at the completion. 

The Quality Review Process

To enter into the Quality Review process, the following are required: 
a. Full login and password access
b. The complete training experience with any activities and assessments
c. Time with the Creator to discuss. This can be pre-arranged. It is normally recommended to do a meeting after each module is completed. Then, an Overview meeting at the completion of the assessment. 

What do clients say? 

We engaged Adrienne to review, quality check and provide feedback on our ‘Dealing with Change and Building Resilience‘ online programme. Throughout the whole process we found Adrienne to be highly professional, systematic and thorough in her reviews. She was also highly reliable, reporting back when she said she would, and her comments and suggestions were both practical and added value. By engaging in this process and incorporating Adrienne’s feedback and suggestions for improvement, we have escalated our programme to the next level of quality, and for that we can’t thank Adrienne highly enough.
Clare Edwards, BrainSmart 

Contact Adrienne McLean, The Speakers Practice on 0414 367 960 or email on adrienne@thespeakerspractice.com.au for more details.