The Speakers Practice – Executive Presentation Skills


Presenting in public is a challenging undertaking – especially when speakers have senior executive roles with personal challenges eg soft voices, more than one language, etc.

Presentation Skills development and supportive feedback will help connecting the executive with their audience , making much more of an impact and assist the speaker to be far more confident in the delivery. The results are significantly more influence and ultimately success.

The Presentation Skills training includes and is not limited to:

  1. Advanced Presentation Skills – Template for preparing presentations -Impromptu speaking practice using video
  2. Presentation Skills – the 6 skills to captivate audiences
  3. Voice training
  4. Using methods to engage with audience
  5. Signature Story
  6. Regular meeting to prepare for presentations
  7. Feedback on public presentations to  build connection with audience.







The Speakers Practice – Executive Presentation Skills mentoring involves four x 2 hour sessions covering the following topics:

Advanced Presentation Skills
6 Skills to Captivate Audiences
Voice Training
Methods used to engage with an Audience
Signature Story

Monthly 2 hour meetings are recommended to integrate the training. Regular reviews are completed. For ambitious Executives, a 6 month program is highly recommended to integrate the training. 

Your Executive Presentation Skills coach:

Adrienne McLean DTM, is the founder and principal Speaking and Marketing coach of the Speaker’s Practice established  in Australia in 2009. Please contact Adrienne McLean on or on mobile 0414 367 960 for more details.

The SpeakersTrainingCamp®—the world-renowned, top-tier public speaking course which is also the flagship training program offered by the Speaker’s Practice—was first brought to Australia from the United States in 2009 by Adrienne.
In 2012, Adrienne McLean was awarded the Toastmasters Distinguished Toastmasters award – DTM – This is the highest award from Toastmasters International awarded to members who have been through both communication and leadership programs.
The Speakers Practice – Presentation and Video program was developed in 2013 offering presentation skills training in front of a Professional video camera to create video for video marketing and content marketing.