Professional Skills for Career Advancement







The Speakers Practice is proud to collaborate with Connect with Confidence to help Professionals with their navigating their career to maximise their advancement.

 Professional Skills for Career Advancement is a four month program tailored to each clients needs for their professional development. Topics are discussed and chosen with the client’s needs in mind. Each client can choose from the following topics – this is discussed with each trainer on the opening webinar:

  • Lacking Social Skills and want the steps to feel confident
  • Lacking Social Confidence and want more
  • Have Social Anxiety but want to connect
  • Have Anxiety or Depression and want a way forward
  • Shy in personality when connecting with others and yet know you can offer a lot
  • Nervous when connecting with others and don’t know what to do
  • Introverted in personality but want to have an extroverted personality
  • Want to improve on your communication skills such as icebreaking and starting an interesting conversation
  • How to build rapport with others when connecting and want to know how?
  • Want to grow a big network but don’t know how to.
  • No Friends and want to build more friendships
  • Looking to be promoted in your job
  • Want to be profitable in your business?
  • Increase confidence in speaking in public
  • Learn about and be aware of the important parts of presentation skills
  • Understanding what audiences (big or small) are looking for
  • The impact of mindset
  • Goal setting for achieving aspirations
  • The steps of project management and continuous improvement
  • Interview skills
  • Handling Nervousness
  • Powerpoint slides for sales
  • The importance of using stories
  • Develop your brand story
  • Your personal branding – what is included in this
  • Pitching for Investment
  • Handling that self doubt that holds you back.
  • Constructive discussions that support your personal development

The time commitment is:

Opening 1hr Webinar with both trainers – to give overview of the 4month program

Over 4 months – weekly 1 hr call for 16 weeks 

8 x 1hr Sessions with Sam

8 x 1hr Sessions with Adrienne


6 hr training workshop – can be either scheduled on same day or different days – online  

3hr Social Skills workshop with Sam

3hr Public Speaking workshop with Adrienne

This individualised 4 month program , handled totally online during the pandemic, is $4000 with payment plans available.

For more information, email Adrienne McLean, and Sam Lee ,