Handling Nervousness

The #1 biggest concern for people going into an interview is handling nervousness. Of course, you’re wanting the job and you want to have a positive experience meeting the interviewer but you need to sell yourself in an interview.

This is where an interview can get difficult. When those negative voices (in your head) are speaking to you. When you start to experience self doubt and simply lack of confidence.

Being prepared with some strategies in how to handle nervousness can really help you to shine and have a positive experience in the interview.

This workshop goes through:
– what happens when we go into a stressful situation (like an interview)
– what to do to prepare before hand
– what to do in the interview
– how to go that bit extra to show how much you want the role

Our programs are for job hunters whatever the reasons for being out of work. We train individuals who have taken time off to raise young families or care for elderly or sick family members, and those who have left the workforce to enjoy sabbaticals, refocus on work-life balance, or take breaks from high-pressured careers.

Even those who left the workforce for personally detrimental reasons, like a failed business venture or a serious illness, will find our encouraging workshop a safe space to regain confidence and rediscover a competitive edge. We also welcome individuals who have relocated either within or to Australia, and are looking for support and interview training before jumping into the competitive hiring market.

Whether you’ve been out of work for personal or career-related reasons, you’ll receive hands-on interview training and the opportunity to reassess your talent and goals for your next job search. Our supportive & friendly approach will help you build your confidence to help you get to the next level.

Contact Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on adrienne@thespeakerspractice.com.au for more details.