Speak to Build Business

Marketing, Promoting & asking for the Sale is essential to grow a business. This group approach helps Business Owner grow business skills, understand a proven systematic growth process.

Our program includes:

✔︎ Marketing Discovery Audit – 2hours plus report

✔︎ Book Yourself Solid®️ Online workshop

✔︎ Question & Answer Monthly online call

✔︎ Presentations & Sales calls Monthly Session 

✔︎ Monthly Social Media promotion of your business

✔︎ Monthly Networking sessions

✔︎ Monthly Q & A online call

✔︎ Facebook Closed group

✔︎ 21 Step Business Building Checklist

✔︎ Resource library with video & podcasts on Business topics

✔︎ Monthly Newsletter and Weekly Marketing To Do List


$275 + GST per month, 6 month commitment





$2,640 + GST per year
(20% discount)