Career Advancement



Career Advancement is important. Being a valued and able to perform at your highest level delivers recognition, along with a financial reward.

The issue is, if you are feeling you lack social skills and don’t have the confidence to speak up in meetings and simply in conversations, you can be left behind. Lack of confidence impacts in so many parts of our lives, at work and even on our private life with making friends.

The Career Advancement program presented by Adrienne McLean, The Speakers Practice, and Sam Lee, Connect with Confidence, addresses the issues that professionals face.

When English is a second language, the issues around social skills and confidence can even be greater. Our programs are very supportive to professionals across the world to help with the social skills, presentation skills and confidence.

Our Career Advancement Program has three levels:

Level 1 : The Ultimate Personal Development Journey for Career Success 

This is a 1 hour session with Social Skills for Career Advancement discussed by Sam Lee. The important points are raised to develop your social skills and help you to feel more comfortable interacting at work or in social situations.

Adrienne McLean discusses “Engaging with Professionals and Speaking with Confidence. These two presentations help professionals with communication skills so they can feel confident to participate at the same level as their peers.

To book in for this complimentary webinar – go to The Speakers Practice Events

Level 2 : Social Skills and Strategies for Career Success

In this 2 hour session, you are asked to invest in yourself to build your career.

You will be developing your social skills and guided by Sam Lee to build your confidence. Sam has navigated this journey and has tools and techniques to help you in the workplace and in your personal life. Feeling that you are not connecting socially can be lonely and there are ways to address this. Sam shows you how.

Applying for jobs, going for interviews, answering all the questions can be daunting and rejection can be so hard to handle. By understanding the interview process and practicing interview questions can help to make you feel you are in control. Also, preparing a resume that showcases your work is important. Adrienne McLean goes through the important parts of going through the interview process and demonstrates with how important presentation skills are.

Your investment, in yourself for 2 trainers for the 2 hour workshop: $110 – to book in go to – The Speakers Practice Events

Level 3 – Professional Skills for Career Advancement

This is a 4 month program with 16 sessions and 6 hours workshop with our experts Sam Lee and Adrienne McLean.

By going into our Level 3 program, this means that you are serious about getting ahead. You are wanting to raise the ranks of your profession even though you may at the moment feel socially uncertain and lack confidence.

The way forward is to be supported by professionals who have been along a similar journey, who have developed their social skills and built confidence with presenting to groups, selling themselves to get jobs and overcome nervousness to get a head.

This program is personalised for each individual client to maximise the benefits and return for you. You are your greatest asset, investing in yourself will bring the greatest rewards personally and professionally.

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