Presentation & Marketing Skills for Professionals

Talk about what you do with

confidence, sell yourself

& grow your business


“21 Step Business Building Checklist” 

The Speakers Practice helps our clients transform by

taking you on a journey so you shine, are bold and courageous when taking your product to market, to grow the business of your dreams.

The transformation is taking you to a place of clarity around your business offering and then being able to confidently & clearly speak about what you do in all your marketing efforts from delivering presentations, when networking, blogs,
speaking at conferences, sales conversations, social media, video , podcasts, running events and more.

The Speakers Practice helps Professionals to get more clients by building skills to go out and effectively promote themselves and their business with a proven approach. 

Who we serve?

The Speakers Practice helps Service
Professionals to get more clients.

Service Professionals are incredibly skilled at their speciality but not necessarily keen or enjoy blowing their own trumpet.

The skills around marketing, selling and the methods to promote themselves so they are booked solid may need more    developing.

We serve those who feel they want to build marketing, sales and presentation skills to grow their business.

So how can we help you?

The Speakers Practice programs guide
Service Professionals from uncomfortable with marketing and selling to CONFIDENT with a strong understanding of how to build their client base to be fully booked and beyond.

We do this by using a powerful business building system BookYourselfSolid® and a life changing presentation skills program the SpeakersTrainingCamp®.

We have a wide suite of programs to grow confidence & developing business skills,

What do we stand for?

The Speakers Practice sees your skills ,
attributes and talents , the things that bring a uniqueness to your business. These things you might just not see!

We’re all about learning, growing, developing and achieving seemly impossible goals.

Our programs Increase Your Visibility and help you Promote your business with confidence!

We stand for service to our clients, creatively helping with improvements  through understanding & support.

Attracting those you are meant to serve!

This is how The Speakers Practice helps!

  • Helping Professionals, like you, to get more clients, bring in the money and get results!
  • We take away the confusion and stress, – give you a clear pathway – a system that’s proven and works – to make it easier to build and grow your business
  • We help you to Develop Your Confidence to use Speaking as a marketing strategy – this will assist with networking, speaking with groups and presenting to a video camera
  • We care about our clients business growth – our Accountability group – supports, encourages and motivates clients to achieve agreed outcomes
  • Helping Professionals to realise their dreams and desire to run their own business

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