Unleash Your Inner Sales Person

The biggest challenges businesses face are with marketing, personal selling and asking for the sale. 
(Australian Catholic University – Small Business & Family Business Conference , April 2018)

The truth is:

– Businesses want more sales.

– Businesses face challenges with understanding the close relationship with marketing and sales.

– Really the business building system needs to be understood by the different levels of the company so the teams are co-ordinated together.

So what is the answer? 

√   Learning about really how the business development system works

√  Implementing a business building system designed for the business to get more clients

√  Mentoring and coaching of staff to follow the process, loose any negative limiting factors and to maximise efforts to improve profitablity

How does that sound??

Unleash Your Inner Sales Person is a program for businesses with a sales team (of any size), earning over around $800 K.

This one day program involves:

  1. A pre- workshop discussion with owner of the business or representative
  2. Online, digital assessment of the business
  3. Preparation of a workshop using company branding
  4. 4 handouts for each of the attendees
  5. One day workshop facilitated by Adrienne McLean, Founder of The Speakers Practice.
  6. The one day workshop program involves one training session and five facilitated sessions to delve into the workings of the company’s business development activities.
    Included in the day are: 

     (i)  Performance Improvement for SME
    (ii)  Business Growth Diagnostic – this is a facilitated discussion on the whole business development system in the business with business owner, sales team, operations and customer services.
    (iii)  How to Talk about what You Do – this is a interactive session where each participant presents about their business – who they help and how they serve their clients.
    (iv) Sales Conversations – role play situation using the 4 Part Sales conversation.
    (v) Daily Marketing Routine for Success – a seven step process for marketing & sales activities for the sales team.
    (vi) 90 Day Planning – scheduling in goals and actions for the next 90 days.
  7. Business Growth Diagnositic Report with Action List – this is a summary of the discussions during the workshop diagnostic. This reflects the business building processes the business has in place at the current time. In addition, there is an Action list – this is the list of recommended actions that will assist the business with getting more clients and improving the positioning of the company. This takes consideration and will be submitted in about 7 days of the workshop.

Some of the benefits of holding this workshop for your Senior management and Sales team?

√ This workshop discusses the real business development process

√ This workshop will touch on many areas that the Sales team may know but don’t implement

√ Practice with some tools of the trade with feedback and input help with getting out of any comfort zone and increase understanding of the process that is proven

√ A Strong framework is discussed that can be implemented to get more clients

√ Newer sales members have opportunities to test, practice and develop sound sales and marketing skills

Ideally this workshop would be run every 3 – 4 months, to assess where the improvements are, what needs more work on and where improvements can be made. 


To find out more: Ring Adrienne McLean, Founder of The Speakers Practice on 0414 367 960 or email on adrienne@thespeakerspractice.com.au