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This event finished on 27 March 2019

The BookYourselfSolid Masterclass Intensive Is for:
Business Owners who want their marketing to get more traction
Who are wanting more clients and don’t know why they seem to be treading water!
Who are looking for structure around their marketing and sales processes.

Who are overwhelmed and struggling to know what to do first

The BookYourselfSolid Masterclass program for Service Professionals. It is an 8 session program that goes step by step through how the marketing & sales process works and learning about the BookYourselfSolid system .
Typically, it would be on Wednesday mornings from 9.00am for about 60 – 90 mins.
The topics covered are all the marketing & sales segments that go into business development:
*Ideal Clients
*Why People buy what you’re selling
* Personal Branding
*How to talk about what you do
*Building Trust and Credibility
* Credibility Builders
*Sales Cycle
* Keeping in Touch
*Information Products
*Simple Sales Conversations
*6 Core Self Promotion Strategies known as “Marketing”
You will be provided with the BookYourselfSolid System overview and we will be putting your business into the BookYourselfSolid system.
There will be a small group of business owners and discussions and questions will arise. You will be attending with like minded business owners who are wanting to grow their business.
The training is scheduled to start Wednesday 23rd January, 2019 at 9am and costs $400 +GST.
Adrienne McLean BSc Hons DTM is a certified BookYourselfSolid coach helping Service Professionals to get more clients with a proven and reliable system for improved performance.
Adrienne specialises in all the aspects of business development and takes a continuous improvement philosophy of building on where you are to grow.

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