Communicating with Impact with Cosimina Nesci


Cosimina is a highly regarded personal, coach, specialist stylist, dynamic speaker, emcee, author and trainer. She has a realistic understanding of the fundamentals elements needed to build a professional image – primarily: visual presence, communication and rapport and inner strength. In today’s multi-generational workplace your professional image must be, credible, authentic and likeable across generations. Cosimina’s commitment to her clients through customised programmes enables professionals to develop an image that is accepted and respected by all generations.

The questions for Cosimina are about “Communicating with Impact”

What are the areas that impact on Communication??
Where does communication and branding connect for a business?
How can we develop our communication skills?
What can we do to communicate with impact and make a great impression?

To summarise, Cosimina advised business professionals need to be credible, likeable and authentic. To develop this professionalism, the three important factors are 1. Visual presence – dress and body language, 2. Communication and Rapport in all forms – speaking, writing, in social media and 3. Believe in Yourself. Always be working on these !

There’s some wonderful advice for business professionals in this podcast – enjoy!