How to ask for Referrals and Reach Out with Ric Willmot


Ric Willmot trains business people all around the world in business principles, marketing and every part of running a successful business. In this podcast, Ric is speaking on an essential part of marketing a business – asking for referrals from current people we know and reaching out to people we may not know but would like to as they could be interested in the business we are offering. The questions Ric covers in this 45 minute podcast are:

1. Asking for referrals – why is this an essential marketing tool?

2. For the business person, asking for the referral – it can be a bit awkward – how can this process be made easier?

3. Reaching out to new clients, new potential business who are not familiar with us can equally be daunting – how can we identify these potential client?

4. How can we successfully get their attention and have them understand our offering? Sending an email just wont do it – what is the best approach?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Business Coach, Authorr and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

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