The Similarities and Differences between Corporate World and Small Business

Our guest , Cheryl Alderman from BeUltimate, works with both the Corporate companies and Small Business and understands the two different worlds very well.

Working in the Corporate Workforce can be all encompassing with an elite component, due to the size of the businesses. For Small Business, owners are passionate about what they do – the challenges can be huge because they don’t have the financial backup.

One of the biggest differences – in corporate there is a lack of control – they are employees . In small business, 90 – 100% of decisions are made by the owner, they are in control.

Corporate employees don’t have the same emotional input that Small Business Owners. In Small Business, the business is really a part of the business owner and have a really emotional connection – in the corporate world – the emotional connection is really not there as strongly.

Challenges are stress, speed of change, pressures, financial pressures. Cheryl works with the executives to reduce stress and have lifestyle changes to handle the pressures.

Time management, Delegation, effective outsource, time saving methods, using technology to reduce the pressure. Organisation is a big area. Both Corporate and Small Business are , of course, keen to gain exposure and promote their business ultimately increasing their reach.

This is a really valuable discussion – especially if you are wanting to understand your target market and the needs of both corporate world and small business.

Here’s the video of our interview – Thanks so much Cheryl for your overview with lots of constructive ideas we can use. Here’s the video: