Building a Community


For a community to work , there are three important factors –

There must be TRUST between the members of the group
Each member must CONFORM to the Social Norms
RECIPROCITY – each member must give without expecting anything in return.

The need to belong is apart of being human. So how can we work with this need to belong to help us within our community and with building our tribe for our business?

1. People love to be involved – and show their expertise.

2. Always show appreciation for whatever people help you with

3. There’s plenty of people out there to help, you only have to ask

“Magic Happens when people come together to share”

Whether this is on a business field or a community field , the relationships that are built are essential for people’s well being and the business well being. Be grateful for the help and assistance people give you. Then they will be delighted to assist you.

Here’s a marvellous article on ways approaches to building a community –

Thank you to Phil Preston and Julie Garland-McLellan for their input into this article. The idea for this blog was from attending the National Speakers Association of Australia NSW chapter meeting.