Checklist for Successful Presentations








Whether a sales pitch to clients, a pitch to investors to get some capital, a presentation to staff or in whatever situation, there are some important skills to consider when delivering that presentation.

Here’s a checklist to help with rehearsal and practicing your presentation or in the actual event!

Checklist for Successful Presentations

  1. A Clear structure to your presentation –
  2. A strong opening
  3. An explanation about your topic
  4. Is your content well organised with a clear opening, body and conclusion
  5. Some captivating stories – only need one or two depending on length of presentation
  6. Are you displaying your enthusiasm?
  7. Are you confident on your topic?
  8. Do you use strong eye contact?
  9. Do you use appropriate gestures or do nervous twitching?
  10. Are you using a strong voice?
  11. Do you um and ah a lot and use filler words or do you impress with No filler words?
  12. A strong conclusion
  13. Have you got a powerful message running through the presentation?
  14. Are you using well prepared slides or (avoid – crammed with too many words)?
  15. Have you tested all your Audio-Visual equipment – everything is together and working.
  16. Got that spare couple of batteries, power cord, some tissues and any precaution to help with the event running smoothly.

There’s so much to consider – this list is a starting checklist – build on this list to personalise so that you are as prepared for your presentation as possible.

Your preparation will be evident to your Audience and build your confidence – Enjoy your presenting – 

Adrienne McLean DTM – SpeakersTrainingCamp International Instructor and the Founder of The Speakers Practice – Adrienne specialises at The Speakers Practice helping clients to confidently deliver presentations for maximum impact. You can contact Adrienne on or ring on 0414 367 960.