Developing Confidence in Public Speaking ( is a Personal Development journey)


Speaking in front of people can be daunting. No matter what size of group, the nerves start, the negative self-talk is almost shouting at you to stop plus you see all these people looking at you waiting to listen to you.

These’s alot of pressure, what can you do to build your confidence?

1. First, you have to be brave and get out of your comfort zone. Developing Public Speaking skills is an incredible personal development journey – you will keep learning and learning – it is not always easy but the rewards are incredible. Just be brave and take the opportunities that come your way.

2. Start believing in yourself. You CAN DO IT! You need to have POSITIVE SELF TALK and if that negative voice is there push it away and concentrate on the POSITIVE!

3.Keep a track of what you are saying to your self. Watch out when it is going negative and reword what you are saying to build yourself up.

4. Prepare early and know your speech very well. Preparation is really important – if you know your topic, what the message is that you want to convey, have all your equipment working, it all has a big impact on how you present yourself.

5. Nervousness is something we all face , some more than others. If you do get nervous, then preparation is really helpful, practise is also essential. Catching yourself with negative thinking is important. Saying positive, encouraging words to yourself, finding ways to relax before a presentation, taking deep breaths before stepping in front of the group, find a way to manage your nerves – the rewards will be there for you.

6.  Building confidence to speak in front of people means you need to get used to speaking in front of people. Do some training, join a group you are interested in and participate. Get  practise, participate as much as you can, this really helps with getting you feel comfortable in front of a group.

7. You need to go and give your presentations. Find places where you can practise. In the work place, get comfortable with short presentations in front of managers, staff and clients. Community groups, P and C, Rotary or Lions Club. Work on a topic you are interested in and find venues to present this – it could help the community – become an expert in your field of interest.

8. After you have given your speech, no matter how big or small, CONGRATULATE yourself. Always keep in mind how far you have come, how well you did and how many people you spoke in front of. That will be an amazing boost to your confidence to speak in front of people.

Good luck, as you get used to speaking in front of an audience, eventually you will enjoy the experience and be the confident person you want to be.

Adrienne McLean DTM – SpeakersTrainingCamp International Instructor and the Founder of The Speakers Practice – Adrienne specialises at The Speakers Practice helping clients to confidently deliver presentations for maximum impact. You can contact Adrienne on or ring on 0414 367 960.