From Broke to Top Franchisee in 2 Years!

The Speakers Practice has invited Australian Business owners to submit articles on the topic of the Presentation Skills in the workplace. Contributors are experts in their industry , discussing aspects and giving advice concerning presentation skills in their field of expertise.


Phil Preston , a Strategic Engagement Specialist.
Phil is a former investment manager, responsible for researching and analysing $40 billion of investment exposures, and has since set up his own strategic engagement practice. He was invited to become a member of the first global practitioner network that specialises in helping businesses create shared value strategies

Phil’s work centres on community engagement. He helps busy people balance their work and home life and do something meaningful in their community. And he helps businesses go beyond donations and volunteering and finding ways of improving their financial returns and, at the same time, making a positive impact on the world. This is what we call ‘shared value.

This discussion covers how a business in Queensland went from Broke to the Top Franchisee in Australia in only 2 years. This is an incredible feat – it was done by implementing the “Shared Value” approach whilst promoting the business approach by speaking. Here’s Phil Preston discussing with Adrienne McLean how it all happened.

There is some real take home approaches that built the business by speaking