How to Create a LinkedIn Group to Generate Qualified Sales Leads and Revenue


Today, at the Friday Forum, we are thrilled to have Tom Skotidas , Founder of Skotidas, Asia Pacific’s leader in B2B Social Media Lead Generation speaking on “How to Create a LinkedIn Group to Generate Qualified Sales Leads and Revenue”.

Prior to Skotidas, Tom served as head of marketing and business development at First Rate. In just under four years, he grew the agency from an office of two staff, into one of Australia’s largest search marketing agencies with 25 staff generating $7 million in annual billings.

Half of those billings, or $3,500,000, came from clients that Tom met, nurtured, and signed, using social networks.

Today, Tom and his team work with global B2B organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, using social networks to generate B2B leads for their sales forces.

The questions discussed are:

1.What are the benefits of creating and maintaining a LinkedIn group as opposed to using other social media?

2. What are the steps in creating a LinkedIn group?

3. How can we promote our LinkedIn group and get our target market to join?

4. By having a LinkedIn Group and regularly posting, how does this generate Sales Leads and Revenue?

5. As a Trainer, Mentor and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

Thank you to Tom Skotidas for his time and expertise in discussing how to use LinkedIn groups to generate Sales Leads and ultimately Revenue.